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No bathroom break so murder confession not admissible

In an important ruling, a judge in the city of Red Deer, Alberta ruled that a confession to a triple murder is not admissible as evidence in the suspect’s trial because the police did not let him go to the» 

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Supreme Court refuses honour killing appeal

Canada’s top court will not hear an appeal by Hamed Shafia convicted of killing his three sisters and another family member in January 2012. The judge found Shafia and his parents guilty of first degree murder in a case he» 

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Canada history: Feb 7, 2010: The shocking case of Col. Williams

It was truly a case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and it rocked Canada’s Armed Forces and shocked the entire country. Canadians generally have a very high regard for their military forces. The military historically, and to this day,» 


Admissions stopped at care home involved in murder case

A long-term car home where a former nurse is suspected of having killed seven seniors has been ordered to temporarily stop to all admissions, reports CBC. ‘A risk of harm’ cited An official of the department of health of the» 


Friends, colleagues shocked at doctor’s murder

Mike Sullivan told CBC News that the last time he saw his friends, doctors Elana Fric-Shamji and Mohammed Shamji, they laughed and finished each other’s sentences. Elana Fric-Shamji’s body was found in a suitcase December 1, 2016 near an underpass» 

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Homicides in Canada increase

Canada’s statistics gathering agency StatsCan, has released homicide figures for 2015. The report says there  were 604 homicides in 2015, 83 more than the previous year. The homicide rate increased by 15% in 2015 to 1.68 per 100,000 population, the» 


Ontario nurse charged with 8 murders of elderly patients

A 49-year-old Canadian nurse is facing eight murder charges in the deaths of elderly patients at two nursing homes in southwestern Ontario, provincial police said Tuesday. Police arrested Elizabeth Tracy Mae Wettlaufer late Monday evening and charged her with eight» 

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PEN Canada denounces killing of Jordanian writer over Islam cartoon

In a press release today PEN Canada has denounced the murder of writer Nahed Hattar. The Jordanian writer was killed on the weekend as he approached the steps of a court building in Amman. He had been charged with “insulting» 

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People with albinism murdered, dismembered in Africa

Many people with albinism in sub-Saharan Africa are living in terror. Since November 2014, at least 18 of them have been killed and at least five are missing in Malawi alone. A Canadian group is planning a campaign to counter the» 

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The mysterious death of iconic painter Tom Thomson: murder? or not?

Though little known in the art world at the time of his death in 1917, Tom Thomson has since become possibly the most iconic of Canadian artists. His profound influence on the famous Group of Seven artists who followed soon»