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Aha! So that’s what it’s for!

Narwhal tusk mystery-solved (videos below) The narwhal has intrigued people for hundreds of years. It’s long spear-like tusk a source of mystery and often wild speculation.   The tusk is actually an overgrown canine tooth. The tusks which can grow to» 

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Vancouver Parks bans cetaceans at aquarium

It has been a contentious issue for several years at marine parks around the world.  Protesters have long been saying, whales and porpoises should not be kept in the small pools of such parks, and not be used for entertainment.» 

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Climate change, changing predator-prey habits in Arctic

Researchers had thought this might happen. With the Arctic sea ice melting sooner, and forming later, and with decreasing ice extent, one of the world’s biggest predators, the killer whale, has been moving further into new areas, and for longer» 

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Canadian admits money laundering in narwhal smuggling scheme

A retired police officer pleaded guilty to 10 money-laundering charges in the United States yesterday after being convicted and fined in Canada for smuggling narwhal whale tusks. Gregory R. Logan faces up to 20 years in prison and a $500,000» 

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Seismic ocean exploration, U.S. scientists and Canadian Inuit say no!

Controversy continues: ocean seismic tests and effects on marine life In 2011 a consortium of Norwegian oil companies applied for seismic exploration of the seabed off the coast of Canada’s Baffin Island. The cross-hatched area indicates zones to be extplored» 

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The Last Ice Area in the Arctic

Where once the Arctic was an almost eternally frozen region, global warming has created vast changes. Scientists now estimate that in just a couple of decades, the area permanently covered by ice all year, will be dramatically reduced to a» 

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Eye on the Arctic – Balancing science and aboriginal knowledge in Canada’s North

Each week, Eye on the Arctic features stories and newsmakers from Canada’s northern regions. Narwhal is an important species in Canada’s North.  To local Inuit communities it’s a source of food and sustenance and can provide a small source of»