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New Brunswick’s historic covered bridges..slowly disappearing

They’re all little older or a little younger than the 100 year mark, but they’re also slowly disappearing. They are the covered bridges of New Brunswick and these were once were fairly common in many areas of North America as» 


Small town, big cruise ship season expected

I am willing to bet most Canadians did not know Saint John in the eastern province of New Brunswick is an increasingly popular cruise ship destination. It is a small town with a population of 67,575, according to 2016 statistics.» 

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Beer: Constitutional battle reaches Canada’s Supreme Court

“Free the Beer” legal case While Canada’s Prime Minister eagerly promotes international free trade deals abroad, that’s not the case within Canada itself. One of the barriers between provincial trade involves beer. Each province controls its own sales of alcohol,» 

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Marijuana warning issued by New Brunswick doctors

“The legalization of marijuana doesn’t make it safe,” reads a statement by the New Brunswick Medical Society. As the representative of that province’s 1,600 doctors, the organization has launched a public education campaign to highlight the health risks that come» 

Shadow and light: the precision art of Jessie Babin

There are always at least two things that happen when people view Jessie Babin’s art. The first is usually along the lines of “very lovely photos”, but when told they are drawn art, the reaction is “Really? Wow, that’s amazing”.» 

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Almost 100 years later, another soldier will be laid to rest

Up until early 1917, there was a distinct possibility that the Allies, Britain, France, Canada and other Commonwealth countries might lose the war. Then  in April came the Canadian-led victory at Vimy Ridge, not hugely significant strategically in the overall» 

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Canada history: Feb 8 1839: Aroostook War: the US-UK face-off over Canada

The name comes from the Aroostook River and County now mostly in the US state of Maine. The war pitted the US against Britain and the then colony of New Brunswick. It’s also called “the Pork and Beans War”, mostly» 


Trudeau to visit New Brunswick areas hard hit by ice storm

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit the Atlantic province of New Brunswick today following the ice storm disaster which left thousands of residents without power in its wake. Trudeau is expected to tour the Acadian Peninsula and visit emergency shelters set up» 


Snow storms hit and it’s not even winter yet

It’s not officially winter yet, but as usual, snow has already hammered parts of Canada. A snowstorm forced the closure of some schools and businesses in the eastern province of New Brunswick and buses were pulled off the road in» 

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The lake in winter: not asleep at all.

Winter in the northern hemisphere is a time when many creatures slow down, or even hibernate. In freshwater lakes and rivers, frozen over with ice and covered with snow, it gets darker and cold. Scientists have long thought that very»