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Moose stuck in snow rescued by snowmobilers

Moose are big, heavy animals and it’s not usually a good idea to mess with them, but last weekend a group of snowmobilers in eastern Canada worked to free one stuck in a bog hole and 1.8 metres of snow.» 

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Big and bearded and sexy for charity

They’re known as the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club. And they’re showing off their furry manly charms as mermen, or in a more Newfoundlandish way, Merb’ys (mer boys).  Hasan Hal is the man behind the effort. Hasan Hai» 

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New fascinating chapter to Newfoundland ancient history

New DNA testing dispels belief of genetic connection between ancient peoples It was a tragic chapter in Canadian history. An ancient aboriginal people, the Beothuk had lived on the huge island of Newfoundland for about 1,000 years. They disappeared however,» 

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North Atlantic climate change research underway

An ambitious research project is underway between the Atlantic province of Newfoundland, and Ireland. Scientists from six countries are aboard a research vessel making a slow transit across the North Atlantic stopping to measure carbon dioxide levels in the ocean» 

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Obscene heckling: Is this STILL going on?

A man in Newfoundland has been charged after allegedly yelling a sexually explicit phrase at a female journalist. It was an incident similar to many others involving female reporters filming in public being subjected to obscene interruptions by individuals yelling» 

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Extreme year for icebergs?

Every spring, icebergs float down from the Arctic into shipping lanes off the east coast of Canada. This year it promises to be one of the most active iceberg seasons on record. Last week there were 37 bergs reported in» 

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Helicopter flies polar bear away from eastern community

Polar bears don’t usually come to St. Brendan’s in northeastern Newfoundland but they do like to follow seals floating on ice floes down the coast nearby. This year, there has been a lot of pack ice which could have been» 

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Newfoundland blasted by another spring blizzard

Trapped whale dies, some dolphins rescued Much of the island of Newfoundland is under another severe weather warning as high winds up to 80 km/h and snow continue to sweep the area. In some areas anywhere from 50 up to» 


Whale trapped in ice- no help possible

A large humpback whale trapped close to shore in ice off Newfoundland appears doomed. The animal was noticed struggling in the ice on Friday, and unable to go anywhere. Rescuers say the ice is too thick for an ice-breaker to» 

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Praying polar bear

It’s  a photo that’s gone viral. Jessica Andrews, 22, received an alert online in the morning that a polar bear was roaming around the area where she lived in Wesleyville, Newfoundland. Red balloon shows approximate location of Wesleyville, Newfoundland © Google»