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De-extinction; new book examines the multitude of issues

(skype interview below : Comments open to post and read at very bottom) The creatures may have gone extinct anywhere thousands of years ago, like the wooly mammoth, or maybe only a hundred years ago like the passenger pigeon, but» 

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Non-fiction: Presidential authority: exceeding the law?

( Ryan Alford (PhD) has practiced law in the U.S. and Canada, is now a professor at Lakehead University in Ontario and author. © Lakehead Univers video interview below) The most powerful nation on Earth is, and has been for some» 

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Canada’s big prize for literary non-fiction

It’s called the RBC-Taylor prize and this year marks the 16th awarding of the prize. Awarded to Canadian authors the $25,000 prize is awarded to the book is judged to best demonstrate a superb command of the English language, an» 

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Non-fiction: Noah Richler- The Candidate

Noah Richler is a journalist, columnist, podcaster, and author. He was also, almost, a federal politician. With idealistic belief in what he could do in for Canadian citizens and for the country, he put his name forward for the left» 

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Book: non-fiction: Mark Winston- Bee Time-Lessons from the Hive

Around the world people are becoming increasingly concerned about bees. Without the pollination efforts of bees there would be virtually no crops, and massive starvation would result. But there is a lot more to bees than pollination and honey. Mark» 

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David Halton: Biography of Matthew Halton wartime correspondent

Matthew Halton was one of the world’s best known and greatest foreign correspondents and war-correspondents. History has shown him on so many occasions to be extremely precient in his analysis of world events, and all too often the lone voice» 

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Mark Abley: Biography of DC Scott: lauded poet, vilified bureaucrat

This week, Montreal columnist and author Mark Abley is my guest as we talk about his latest book, Conversations with a Dead Man: The legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott. Montreal author, poet, and columnist Mark Abley: his book published in» 

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Frances Backhouse: Non-Fiction: “Once they were hats- in search of the mighty beaver”

Mighty, could seem like an odd word to describe the beaver, an odd, mostly nocturnal distant member of the rodent family.  However, words like fascinating, amazing, intriguing, would surely fit. Beavers earn their keystone species credentials by creating vital habitat» 

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Canada’s prestigious literary awards announced

They’re called the Governor-General’s Literary awards, and they are the highlight of the literary scene in Canada. The winners were announced last night and Guy Vanderhaeghe won the 2015 prize for fiction for his book called Daddy Lenin and Other» 

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Shortlist announced for biggest historical literature prize

Biggest award in the World. Worth US $75,000, the Canadian-based Cundill prize is the most prestigious award for historical literature in the world. From an initial international submission of 159 books, the shortlist of six has just been announced. The»