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Federal government invests over $35M to preserve Indigenous languages in northern Canada

The federal government is pledging to invest $35.4 million to support and preserve Indigenous language services in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories (N.W.T.) in Canada’s north. The federal government has allocated $19.6 million for the N.W.T. and $15.8 million for Nunavut. The» 

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New road to finally link Canada, coast to coast to coast

The end of the Tuk ice road, welcome to the all weather road For the first time ever, Canadians will soon be able to drive from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast to the Arctic coast. Construction of the» 

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Canada history: Feb 17, 1932: The end and beginning of the mystery of the Mad Trapper

It is one of the many enduring legends and mysteries of Canada’s far northern frontiers. Who was this man? They didn’t know then, and they still don’t know now, and probably never will. The story begins in summer of 1931» 

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Melting Arctic ice patches reveal rich archaeological record

Canadian archaeologist Tom Andrews is in a race against time. For more than a decade, Andrews and his team from the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife and their partners from the Shúhtagot’ine (Mountain Dene) Indigenous community of Tulita have» 

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History, Apr 01, 1999, Canada’s newest territory

On this date, a vast new territory in Canada’s far north was created. Becoming the third territory after the Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories. It was from this enormous latter territory that the new entity of Nunavut was created. » 

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UNESCO names 20 new biosphere sites, 2 in Canada

At a meeting in Lima Peru last week UNESCO named 20 new sites around the world as “biosphere reserves”. These are areas where sustainable development is taking place while also preserving much of the natural environment and decisions are taken» 

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Caribou or development? Question debated in Arctic

For years there has been concern about the rapidly declining caribou herds across the country. According to World Wildlife Fund-Canada, The Bathurst herd in the Northwest Territories, (NWT) for example, has dropped from 472,000 individuals in 1987 to 35,000 in» 

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Smokey Saskatchewan: Wildfires in the west cause health warning

Smoke from dozens of forest fires in the central prairie province of Saskatchewan is blanketing almost the entire province. The smoke is affecting residents from Uranium City in the north to Oxbow in the southeast — and all points in» 

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History: March 19, 1885 Rebellion in Canada! Again

Many think Canada as a peaceful nation, but on this date, yet another bloody rebellion was begun. Following rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837-38 before Confederation, and then the Red River Rebellion in 1869 immediately following Confederation, the» 


February 17, 1932: Death did not end the enduring mystery of the Mad Trapper

It is one of the many enduring legends and mysteries of Canada’s far northern frontiers. The story begins in summer of 1931 when a stranger about age 35, shows up in the tiny community of Fort McPherson in Northwest territores.»