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Oh, deer: Nova Scotia town mulls its options in dealing with Bambi invasion

The town of Truro in central Nova Scotia has a very cute pest problem, but a problem nevertheless. It’s been overrun by white-tailed deer. There are deer in its parks, deer in parking lots, even deer in the downtown core.» 

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Canada 150 Mi’Kma’Ki 13,000 in Nova Scotia

Canada 150, the celebration of this country’s sesquicentennial anniversary of confederating, is being eclipsed by the indigenous experience in Nova Scotia. Just Us!, the coffee shop in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia put up the statement on the sign, to the» 

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World Oceans Day: Canada announces a new marine protected area

In a well-timed announcement today on World Oceans Day, the federal government announced it was declaring another ocean area as a Marine Protected Area (MPA). A year ago the Canadian government announced its intention to increase marine and coastal protected» 

The Nova Scotia book of Everything

Everything you wanted to know about Nova Scotia and were going to ask anyway. It’s summer in Canada, or nearly, and a time for travel. If heading to the province of Nova Scotia, here’s a quick and enjoyable way to» 

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The “thrift shop” find worth big money

It’s not quite the Picasso found at a yard sale story, but it’s not that far off. Maud Lewis was born and lived her life in the maritime province of Nova Scotia. She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and lived in» 

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More proof politics and social media don’t mix- again!

Shortly after another Nova Scotia political hopeful was kicked out of the provincial Liberal party for online comments, another political hopeful has fallen. RCI- social media sinks politician Provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Bill McEwen has quit the race» 

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The licence plate controversy continues: heads to court

It began almost three decades ago without problem for decades, but now will end up in court. It was 1991 when Lorne Grabher bought a so-called “vanity” licence plate bearing the family name as a gift for his father’s car.» 


Social media comment sinks another politician

Politicians and employers checking social media records Matt MacKnight had hoped to enter provincial politics in Nova Scotia. Like many politicians, and would be politicians before him, things seemed to be going well, but then his social media activity caught» 

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Nova Scotia to help with first time home buying

Most of the news from Canada involving home purchases these past couple of years has involved stories dealing with the skyrocketing prices in major cities which seem to be rising month after month. For most low and middle income earners,» 

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CBC apologizes for historical miniseries Canada: The Story of Us

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp., RCI’s parent company, has been forced to apologize after receiving a torrent of complaints from two provinces, as well as Indigenous groups and historians blasting the public broadcaster for a historical drama series, which was meant»