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CBC apologizes for historical miniseries Canada: The Story of Us

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp., RCI’s parent company, has been forced to apologize after receiving a torrent of complaints from two provinces, as well as Indigenous groups and historians blasting the public broadcaster for a historical drama series, which was meant» 


Nova Scotia ready to go to court over ‘Grabher’ license plate

The provincial government in Nova Scotia says it is standing by its decision to revoke Lorne Grabher’s personalized licence plate featuring his last name, even if the province has to go to court over its actions. Provincial Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan said» 

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Online course tackles racial profiling of consumers

The Human Rights Commission in the eastern province of Nova Scotia has launched a free online course to help prevent and deal with racial profiling of customers. The commission says consumer racial profiling “is a serious issue in Nova Scotia.”» 

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Update:Canada chosen for new spaceport

It’s official Canada has been chosen for development of a new spaceport. An official press release today states, “Maritime Launch Services (MLS) Ltd., established in Halifax, is pleased to announce it has committed to a launch site location following a» 

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Rockets from Canada?

Almost everyone knows the name “Cape Canaveral” and its association with rockets and the space programme, but how about “Cape Canso”? An American group calling itself Maritime Launch Services came to the Nova Scotia community of Hazel Hill yesterday to» 

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A Christmas tree of joy, but tinged with sadness

“Tree” honours fishermen lost at sea. Christmas is usually considered to be a time of joy, and the traditional Christmas tree, a lovely symbol of that joy. In the lobster fishing communities on Canada’s east coast a tradition has begun» 

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Labour dispute shuts down Nova Scotia schools

Thousands of parents in Nova Scotia are scrambling to find alternative arrangements for their school-aged children today as a labour dispute between the provincial government and the provincial teachers’ union has shut down all public schools in the Maritime province.» 

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Race for the lobster

It’s lobster season once again off Canada’s east coast province of Nova Scotia. Delayed yesterday by bad weather hundreds of boats loaded with traps sped off just before dawn at 6:00 AM. The race was to get to the best» 

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History Nov. 8, 1946 Canada’s unexpected civil rights heroine

The Canadian who preceeded Rosa Parks by almost a decade. She was Canadian, young, beautiful, a successful Halifax-based businesswoman, and black. It was because of Viola Desmond’s colour that she unexpectedly became a heroine that changed history in Canada. Thanks» 

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Update: giant turbine placed on ocean floor

After long delays and strong opposition from fishermen, a giant generating turbine has been placed on the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy. Designed to harness the power of one of the world’s highest and strongest tides, the turbine»