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Great white sharks visit Nova Scotia

Great white sharks do periodically travel in Canadian waters but thanks to tagging efforts, more people know that two are now visiting off the shores of Nova Scotia. Great whites are the largest predatory fish in the world averaging 4.5» 

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Judges to mentor minority lawyers in Nova Scotia

Indigenous and black lawyers in the province of Nova Scotia who want to become judges can now benefit from a mentorship program offered by the judiciary. As it now stands, out of 104 judges, five are black, three are Indigenous,» 

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“Floating terror“ arrives in Canada

Canada is a pretty safe place when it comes to things like poisonous snakes, or insects or aquatic creatures. In fact you risk no attacks at all in any of Canada’s lakes or rivers, and virtually no problems in any» 


Child in farm accident has died

A seven-year-old girl was airlifted to hospital after a tractor severed her leg on a farm in the eastern province of Nova Scotia, but doctors were not able to save her llife. Every year in Canada, an average of 13» 

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Another historic Canadian figure under fire

He founded Halifax, but put a bounty on aboriginals. Edward Cornwallis, once an honoured figure in Canada’s history, has fallen into disrepute recently. Honoured for the creation of one of Canada’s major cities, which in turn led to the development» 

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A’ Ceangal nan Gàidheal: Àrd-Choinneamh Eadarnàiseanta nan Gàidheal*

The Scots are coming! Indeed, Canada will host a first ever international summit meeting of Gaels in Canada to discuss issues of Gaelic identity and culture. Many places in Canada, more so from Ontario eastward, owe their original to Scottish» 


Oh, deer: Nova Scotia town mulls its options in dealing with Bambi invasion

The town of Truro in central Nova Scotia has a very cute pest problem, but a problem nevertheless. It’s been overrun by white-tailed deer. There are deer in its parks, deer in parking lots, even deer in the downtown core.» 

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Canada 150 Mi’Kma’Ki 13,000 in Nova Scotia

Canada 150, the celebration of this country’s sesquicentennial anniversary of confederating, is being eclipsed by the indigenous experience in Nova Scotia. Just Us!, the coffee shop in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia put up the statement on the sign, to the» 

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World Oceans Day: Canada announces a new marine protected area

In a well-timed announcement today on World Oceans Day, the federal government announced it was declaring another ocean area as a Marine Protected Area (MPA). A year ago the Canadian government announced its intention to increase marine and coastal protected» 

The Nova Scotia book of Everything

Everything you wanted to know about Nova Scotia and were going to ask anyway. It’s summer in Canada, or nearly, and a time for travel. If heading to the province of Nova Scotia, here’s a quick and enjoyable way to»