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Doctors want an end to sick notes

The government of the province of Ontario is about to change a law that, if passed, would allow employers to require a doctor’s note from employees who take the day off due to illness or other personal emergency. The Canadian» 

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Urgent call to save northern Ontario caribou

A group of environmental organisations has come together in an open letter urging the federal government to act quickly to save two small herds of boreal caribou. The letter blames provincial mismanagement for the herds decline. Ecojustice on behalf of» 

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Ontario environment report: Raw sewage, forest and wetland loss

A new report says untreated sewage is still flowing into the waterways of Canada’s second largest and most populated province. The Ontario Environmental Commissioner’s latests report indicated that raw sewage overflowed into the provinces waterways on over 1,300 occasions. 766» 

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Canadian to compete in World Championship Extreme Cowboy

The name might be a bit misleading at first as extreme is usually thought to mean danger. In this case though it really means extreme skill, that of horse and rider working as a team, and a rapport developed with» 


New Ontario teachers must pass math test

Teachers in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province will soon face new requirments. Legislation was introduced yesterday (Thursday) which is called the  ”Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act”, primarily because it would require the revocation of the licence for any teacher found» 

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Proposal to deny services to returning Canadian Daesh fighters

(pubic comments open on all RCI stories. Comments will be published after moderating) They were Canadians who, for whatever reason, joined ISIS-Daesh terrorists in the Middle East or other terrorist groups elsewhere and some of whom who have since returned» 


Mystery clipboards seek personal information:

Campus security warnings We live in an age when trying to keep personal information private is very difficult. At the same time there are so many scams, and hacking, and incidents of identity theft. A new and mysterious occurrence is» 


Ontario’s highest court backs Premier Ford on downsizing Toronto city council

Ontario’s highest court handed the provincial government a legal victory on Wednesday that will allow it to move ahead with its plans to cut the size of Toronto’s city council by nearly half just weeks from a municipal election. A» 

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A constitutional kerfuffle in Canada

It’s called the “notwithstanding clause”, or Section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, part of the Canadian constitution. It may be translated more simply as “in spite of”, as in, in spite of what the constitution or court» 

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Ontario: Buck A Beer in effect

Cheaper beer arrives in Canada’s most populous province It’s here, cheaper beer!  It was a campaign promise during the recent provincial election in Ontario, and now the recently elected Premier Doug Ford has made it a reality. Alcohol sales and»