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Police ticketing panhandlers, homeless: Legal challenge

It’s a long established practice. Police handing tickets for a variety of minor municipal infractions to street people who are the least able to pay them. That’s now being challenged under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Tickets are given» 

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Challenge to women’s clothing rules at swimming pools

A legal challenge has been filed in Ontario against a rule that females over age 10 must wear tops, ie cover their breasts, at public pools and parks. The suit names the eastern Ontario city of Cornwall, an Ontario water park,» 

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Turtles vs. cars: the deadly summer season for at risk species.

Ontario seeing much higher level of turtle deaths and trauma from vehicle injuries this year.. The Turtle Trauma Centre, in the central Ontario city of Peterborough, is at maximum capacity in its efforts to save injured turtles.  It’s part of» 

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Ontario farmers vs. the weather

Not enough rain last year, too much this year Scientists have been saying for years that an effect of climate change is that extremes in weather will get more extreme. Ontario farmers would agree.  Last year, the major concern was» 

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The McIntyre Powder case: miners and neurological disease: Update

Several years ago, Janice Martell’s father developed Parkinson’s but there was no history of that in the family. However Jim Hobbs had been a miner, and was among those obliged by the mine to inhale clouds of microscopic aluminium powder» 

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Ontario updates labour laws, $15 minimum wage

In a little kept secret, Ontario’s Premier, Kathleen Wynne today announced several changes to Ontario’s labour laws which includes an increase in the minimum hourly wage. The current minimum wage in Canada’s most populous province is $11.40 an hour, but» 

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Refugees need more, not less legal aid, say advocates

The body that provides free legal aid in the province of Ontario says it must cut services for refugees because of budget shortfalls. An umbrella council of refugee advocacy groups is calling on the federal and all provincial government to» 

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Ontario’s strict anti-smoking laws: Over enthusiastic enforcement?

Since 2006, Ontario has been instituting increasing limitations on the sale and use of tobacco; Those laws now include no smoking in enclosed public spaces, enclosed work spaces, in vehicles with passengers under age 16, no smoking on bar and» 

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Canada flooding situation worsens

More scattered rain showers to come The rains this spring in Canada have been far greater than normal and it has caused emergency situations in regions across the country.. It has now turned deadly with two men missing and presumed» 

Quebec calls in troops to help deal with ‘worst flooding we’ve had in our whole history’

Quebec is calling on the federal government to deploy the Canadian military to help with “historic” floods that threaten over 120 communities in the province as more rain is expected to hit parts of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, provincial»