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Strike affects a half-million college students

Faculty at 24 colleges in the province of Ontario went on strike early Monday morning after management rejected the latest offer from the union.  The walk-out by professors, instructors, counsellors and librarians affects more than 500,000 students, some of them» 

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Were you a miner? McIntyre powder update

Ontario gov’t pledges $1 million for research After years of effort by a miner’s daughter, it’s starting to have an effect. Janice Martell was the daughter of a miner in northern Ontario. He was one of thousands of miners in» 

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Marijuana legalisation: Construction industry worried

With the legalization of cannabis to be announced on or near July 1, next year, many industries are very concerned about impairment on the job. It is well-known that the construction industy is fraught with dangers requiring workers to be» 

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Ontario’s first “100 %” smoke-free university

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and has some 22 university institutions. Although many have strict smoking policies and are subject to provincial anti-smoking rules, McMaster University in Hamilton , Ontario, is set to become the first 100%» 

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Ontario announces cannabis stores

The latest word from the federal government is that the ruling Liberals are sticking to their agenda of legalizing marijuana by July 1, 2018. The provinces are still scrambling to develop policies on how to deal with legalized pot. Ontario’s» 


Ontario plans to create a French university

The majority of Francophones in Canada live in the province of Quebec which has several universities to serve them, but now the province of Ontario wants to create its own first, French-language university. Demand for education in French has grown» 

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McIntyre powder: Policy change for former miners

Previously denied, workers compensation board changes position-but only slightly It was a fine black powder sold to mines around the world that miners were obliged to inhale before each shift underground. The idea was that the aluminium powder would coat» 

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A new step towards beating the Zika virus

With some 70 countries now reporting evidence of mosquito-borne Zika, the disease has now become a world-wide concern. Current detection technology for the virus is limited in reliability and costly.  Researchers at Western University in Ontario have developed a faster,» 

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Police ticketing panhandlers, homeless: Legal challenge

It’s a long established practice. Police handing tickets for a variety of minor municipal infractions to street people who are the least able to pay them. That’s now being challenged under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Tickets are given» 

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Challenge to women’s clothing rules at swimming pools

A legal challenge has been filed in Ontario against a rule that females over age 10 must wear tops, ie cover their breasts, at public pools and parks. The suit names the eastern Ontario city of Cornwall, an Ontario water park,»