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Canada 150: skating out the anniversary year

This is Canada’s 150th year and with lots of events having taken place to celebrate,. One of the attractions to end this anniversary year is the creation of a skating rink on the lawn of Canada’s Parliament. Artistic rendering of» 

Education, Science and Technology

A faster emergency room analysis that could save lives around the world

It’s called “The Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule” and it was years in development. To most people it sounds incomprehensible, but it will save some people with a brain aneurysm from a debilitating injury, or even death. Dr Jeffrey Perry (MD» 

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Fish in the Rideau being tested for contaminants

Shortly after portions of the World Heritage Site Rideau Canal were added to the federal contaminated sites list, comes word that fish are now being tested. Portions of the canal recently tested showed a variety of toxic materials in the» 

Environment, Health, Science and Technology

World heritage site: Rideau Canal contaminated

It is featured in virtually every tourist promotion photo of the Canadian capital, but Ottawa’s downtown section of the Rideau Canal has a secret. Testing has revealed that the canal is contaminated with toxic waste. It now joins a list» 

Arts and Entertainment

Yousuf Karsh bust unveiled in downtown Ottawa

The memory of famous Canadian-Armenian photographer Yousuf Karsh now lives not only in prints of his photos of world celebrities and politicians but also in bronze. Diplomats, politicians and dignitaries gathered in downtown Ottawa in front of Chateau Laurier, just» 

Politics, Society

Canada commemorates 102 anniversary of 1915 Armenian genocide

Thousands of Canadian Armenians marked the 102 anniversary of the 1915 Armenian genocide in Ottoman Turkey with public gatherings and marches in cities across the country today. The largest event was held in Ottawa where several hundred people gathered at» 

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Police manslaughter case: wristband battle

On a hot summer day last year, police in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, responded to a call of a man groping women in a coffee shop. When police caught up with the man outside his apartment complex a scuffle of» 

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Death of suspect after arrest: Police gloves: a weapon?

An Ottawa police officer is facing a charge of manslaughter in a case involving a particular type of gloves that police sometimes wear. These are not your woolen winter gloves, or thin leather driving gloves however, they are reinforced across» 


Braille will help the visually-impaired identify police

Police in Ottawa will soon have a braille laminate on top of their wallet badge ID to help people who have trouble seeing be sure they are indeed police officers. The laminate will indicate the officer’s rank and the telephone» 

Economy, Politics

Canadian’s tax dollars at work…or not!

Today was the annual Teddy awards ceremony in the national capital Ottawa. Every year, the citizen’s advocacy group, The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, announces its awards for the most flagrant examples of government spending waste. Aaron Wudrick is the CTF federal»