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Tornado hits national capital region

Residents in eastern Ontario and western Quebec around the national capital Ottawa, were surprised to see funnel clouds racing across the region on Sunday evening. The tornadoes also surprised weather officials who saw no typical warning signs in their radar» 


3 dead, 23 injured in ‘serious’ bus crash at Ottawa’s Westboro station

Three people were killed and 23 others injured after an Ottawa city bus slammed into a bus shelter in the city’s western Westboro neighbourhood late Friday. The collision of the OC Transpo double-decker bus happened on the westbound Transitway just before 4 p.m. local time» 

Indigenous, Politics

Pipeline protesters delay Trudeau speech

Dozens of drumming and chanting protesters delayed on Tuesday a speech by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a forum dedicated to relations between Canada’s Indigenous communities and the federal government. Trudeau finally spoke at the Modern Treaty and Self-Governing First» 

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Lighting event in Ottawa will launch the holiday season

Hundreds of thousands of coloured lights will go on at 7pm  on December 5, 2018 at Canada’s Parliament building to kick off the holiday season. It is the launch of the 34th edition of Christmas Lights Across Canada and will» 

Environment, Society

Ottawa cleans up after Friday’s tornadoes

Residents of Ottawa were in full cleanup mode Monday after two devastating tornadoes touched down in the Canadian capital on Friday. Four people remain in the care of the Ottawa Hospital Monday morning, including one in critical condition and another» 


Bear loose in the centre of Canada’s capital

Rare bear visit It may be Canada’s national capital, a large urban city, but every once in awhile Canadians are reminded that the wilderness is not far away. This morning about 3 AM, reports came of a sighting of a» 

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Canada to host global summit on open government in 2019

Canada will host next year a global summit focused on making governments more transparent and responsive to citizens and fighting corruption by harnessing the power of new technologies to strengthen governance, federal officials announced Thursday. The Open Government Partnership (OGP)» 

Politics, Society

Political shakeup in Ottawa

After the sudden death of a Conservative Member of Parliament yesterday, comes word of a New Democratic Party expulsion today. The Conservative party and House of Commons was visibly moved yesterday to hear of the unexpected sudden death of a» 

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University to hire a “conjuring arts” professor

Carleton University in Ottawa is looking for someone to fill a newly created chair. The “magician” or conjuring arts chair is to help understand how people are led to believe something that didn’t happen. The idea is related to how» 

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Fighting HIV: novel approach shows great promise

Using viruses to kill viruses It is a perfect example of research in one area leading to developments in another. Researchers in Ottawa, internationally recognised for innovative cancer research, were working with a virus which targets cancer cells. Fellow researchers»