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Can smartphones track Parkinson’s better than doctors?

Researchers are studying the feasibility and accuracy of having patients use their smartphones to track the progression of their Parkinson’s disease and the effect of medication they are taking to slow it down. Parkinson’s is a degenerative brain disease that» 

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The McIntyre Powder case: miners and neurological disease: Update

Several years ago, Janice Martell’s father developed Parkinson’s but there was no history of that in the family. However Jim Hobbs had been a miner, and was among those obliged by the mine to inhale clouds of microscopic aluminium powder» 

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Bilingual crooner, show host dies

Pierre Lalonde was a rare star who had a successful career in both English and French in Canada and the United States. He began singing at the age of four performing on one of Montreal’s major radio stations.  His family» 

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McIntyre Powder: inhaling aluminium powder to prevent lung disease

It’s an almost unbelievable story, but for decades miners in many countries around the world were told to inhale microscopic particles of aluminium as a preventative against silicosis of the lungs. Elliot Lake in northern Ontario, is a well-known mining»