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Pilot project gives a chance for women to experience a military career

Being a soldier, sailor, or in the air force, has seldom been thought of as a career for women. But the military is so much more than carrying a gun and facing the enemy, (although now that too is a» 


Remembrance: The personal letters of one of the few

Hurricane Pilot- Wartime Letters of W.O. Harry Gill 1940-1943 (Goose Lane Editions) It’s a small book, but a very personal one.  It’s the story of a young man’s experience as he left his fairly quiet and protected life in small» 

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Newfoundland offers a very unique ship simulator for offshore supply vessels.

It’s a unique, and extremely valuable training tool for those seeking to pilot ships working around the deep sea oil drilling platforms. Memorial University of Newfound and Labrador has just completed installation of an extremely high-tech new teaching tool called»