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Montreal coroner’s report appears to support opponents of controversial anti-pit bull law

Opponents of a controversial anti-pit bull law in Montreal received good news this week when the city’s coroner issued his report on the death of 55-year-old woman killed by a dog in her backyard in June of last year. The» 

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The LINK Online, August 20, 2016

The LINK Online with Lynn Desjardins and host Carmel Kilkenny Greenland sharks are quite passive and usually pose little risk to divers studying them. © Chris Harvey-Clark A new study confirms the belief that Greenland sharks are the longest-living vertebrates on» 

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Montreal legal noose tightens on pit bulls and their owners

A legal noose is tightening on pit bulls and their owners in Montreal, as the city prepares to pass a bylaw that animal activists say will be the death sentence for many healthy dogs and puppies. Toe other side of» 

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Montreal latest to ban new pit bulls

The city of Montreal will soon forbid the acquisition of pit bulls on its territory in response to attacks by this breed of dog. Several other municipalities in Canada have banned them as has the province of Ontario. In Montreal,»