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Canada only recycles 11 per cent of plastic waste

Environmentalists are urging Canadians to avoid single-use plastic, to recycle more and they want the government to take strong action to reduce plastic waste. A survey found that in 2017, 71 per cent of Canadians order takeout food more than» 

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Plastic policy sought at G7 and in Canada

Canada is expected to propose a charter to reduce plastic pollution at the upcoming meeting of the G7 leaders in Charlevoix, Quebec. More than 40 Canadian environmental groups are urging the Canadian government to promote such a charter at the» 

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Worrisome discovery near North Pole

A British team of researchers aboard two small ice strengthened yachts have made a shocking discovery farther north than any ship has previously gone. The team led by Arctic explorer Pen Hadow, found chunks of polystyrene waste sitting atop ice»