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Supreme Court rules on cell phone privacy issue

Canada’s highest court has handed down a verdict in connection with police searches of cell phones and a citizen’s right to privacy. The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) case began with two different lower court cases in Canada, but is» 

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Wi-fi, the internet of things, and your personal information

We are becoming more and more involved with technology that helps us keep track of things in our lives. However it’s also collecting personal data on us, and in some cases sending that information to third parties, whether it be» 


Why video of students was live streamed

Inadequate passwords and insufficient technical controls led to videos of school children being live streamed on the internet, reports a privacy commissioner in eastern Canada.  Catherine Tully is mandated by the government of the province of Nova Scotia to apply» 


More controversy for online vigilante group

They call themselves “creep catchers”, They consist of a variety of disparate groups in cities around the country who use the internet chat rooms and dating sites to lure and expose potential paedophiles. Recordings of chats and videos of encounters» 

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Landmark legal case: Canadian precedent- international implications

A win for the Davids vs the Goliaths A woman in west coast British Columbia was surprised and angry to discover Facebook had used her image and the fact that she “liked” a product. for the intenet giant’s own commercial» 

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Privacy watchdog flags U.S. border searches

Canada’s privacy commissioner has warned the government that U.S. plans to enhance border searches may contravene Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and there’s little recourse for people subjected to them. At issue is the fact that the U.S. conducts» 


Tax service fails to stop employees from snooping

In spite of spending at least $10.5 on the problem, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) still has not been able to stop some employees from looking into the private tax files of individuals and businesses. The agency is obliged by» 

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Government failing to protect privacy of citizens, says watchdog

Canada’s privacy commissioner says the government has not properly assessed the impacts on citizens’ privacy since it passed its sweeping anti-terrorist law incorporating Bill C-51. In his annual report, Commissioner Daniel Therrien expressed surprise that many government agencies did not examine how» 


Website for adulterers lacked privacy protection: officials

Privacy officials in Canada and Australia have found that Ashley Madison had inadequate security safeguards and policies in spite of its claims of offering secure services.  The Canadian-based website catered to married people seeking affairs and was hacked last year,» 

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Privacy watchdog monitors electronic health devices

Canada’s privacy commissioner has joined a network of privacy watchdogs in other countries to monitor the collection of personal information by electronic devices. Canada will focus its efforts on various health devices such as fitness trackers, smart scales, and sleep monitors.»