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Ancient fortifications discovered in Quebec City

Some of the earliest fortifications in North America have been uncovered in Quebec City. While excavating for a new condo project in the “old city” portion of Quebec City, workers came across some bits of waterlogged wood deep in the» 

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Controversial decision: Quebec feminist group and prostitution.

The right to choose to work in the sex trade The Federation des Femmes du Quebec (FFQ) is a well-recognised women’s rights organisation in the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec. This weekend the group took a controversial stance saying that» 


Quebec Liberal leader steps down following resounding defeat

Outgoing Quebec premier Philippe Couillard announced Thursday that he is leaving politics after the Quebec Liberal Party led by the former brain surgeon suffered the worst electoral defeat in its history losing more than half of its seats in the provincial legislature.» 

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Quebec’s provincial election: What does it signal for Canada, maybe the world?

Quebec is Canada’s second most populous province, mainly French-speaking, and with a centuries old and well established French-Canadian culture. Although just one out of ten provinces and three territories, any Quebec provincial election has always attracted a disproportionate amount of» 


Quebec polls deliver sweeping change

The political landscape in Quebec underwent a tectonic change Monday as voters in Canada’s French-speaking province elected a new centre-right party, tossing aside the two parties that had dominated Quebec politics for over half a century. Founded in 2011, Coalition» 


Quebec vote set to reshape political landscape

Quebec voters are heading to polls on Monday in a provincial election that has the potential of radically reshaping the political landscape in Canada’s French-speaking province. For the first time since 1976, a new party is set to challenge the» 


Northern black widow spider is in Quebec!

The news release from Montreal’s Insectarium museum cheerily informs me that the northern black widow spider in now established in the province of Quebec, but tells me not to worry. It trumpets it program to encourage citizens to observe and» 

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Canada History: July 11, 1990, the crisis and death at Oka

Quebec provincial pollce officer killed during attack It was a conflict –a land dispute-that had its origins as far back as the early 1700’s. It reached a boiling point and international headlines on this day, July 11, 1990. That was» 


Maple syrup harvest is down due to poor weather

Maple syrup producers in the province of Quebec say they have had a poor season and will have to tap into reserves to keep prices down and avoid shortages. Quebec produces about 72 per cent of the world’s maple syrup,» 


Montreal Vandals Deface Statues Again

This weekend marked the annual long weekend in Canada known as Victoria Day.  It’s a holiday on the last Monday of May closest to Queen Victoria’s birthday of May 24th. 1819. It is also the date to officially mark the»