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Montreal hospital investigates linguistic “incident”

No French? No treatment. Man claims he was insulted and belittled by Francophone doctor An incident at a hospital in the mainly French speaking province of Quebec is making news, but not in a good way. A Polish-Canadian resident in» 

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Controversy over transgender president of Quebec women’s groups

Feminists challenge leadership of trans-woman The Federation des Femmes du Quebec (Quebec Women’s Federation) was founded in 1966 through the initiative of a Canadian icon in the women’s movement which brought together several smaller groups into a unified group. Therese» 


Winter’s first real snowstorm hits central, east Canada

It was bound to come, but millions of Canadians were lulled into complacency by relatively mild weather so far this season. However, winter has suddenly arrived in Canada’s most populous areas, and with a good winter wallop. Until this week,» 

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Quebec’s controversial face-covering law faces constitutional challenge

A coalition of Muslim groups and civil liberty advocates has filed a constitutional challenge to a newly adopted provincial legislation in Quebec that effectively bans certain Muslim women from giving or receiving public services with their faces covered. The challenge filed Tuesday» 

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Ban of face coverings: Criticism outside Quebec, but wide support inside

(to leave your comment on this, or any RCI story, go to bottom of page for the submission form) The mainly French-speaking province of Quebec recently banned face coverings for anyone receiving public service in the province. It is a» 

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After Weinstein, sex scandals hit Quebec personalities

Quebec entertainment scene rocked by two scandals. In the wake of vast media attention of the alleged abuse by Hollywood film producer,Harvey Weinstein, comes claims of misconduct against two major media personalities in Canada. First came allegations of inappropriate conduct» 

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Contentious law on face covering passed in Quebec

A controversial law was passed in the Quebec provincial legislature today. Known as Bill 62, the law will ban face coverings when people receive government services, and prohibit  public workers from covering their faces. A photo posted online in November» 

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New beverage greatly worries medical officials.

Recently  Canadian paediatricians expressed great concern about the misuse and overuse of so-called “sports drinks” and “energy drinks” by young people.   This is because of the levels of sugar and caffeine in the drinks, which can cause medical issues when» 

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Respected Quebec poet accused of plagiarism

In the past, distance, language, and time made it much easier to plagiarise the work of others. For example, one could take the work of someone else in a different language and distant country, translate it to your language and» 

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Cleanup underway after severe storm with heavy winds rips through southern Quebec

A major cleanup operation is underway after severe thunderstorms and possibly a tornado ripped through southern Quebec, Montreal and the Laurentian region on Tuesday. There were no serious injuries reported as a result of the storm, which produced winds of»