Lac-Megantic railway bypass to be funded jointly by federal, Quebec governments

Nearly five years after a runaway train laden with crude oil derailed and exploded in Lac-Megantic, killing 47 people and destroying a large part of the city’s core, the federal and provincial government announced plans Friday for a railway bypass» 


‘Wrong people on trial’ for Lac-Mégantic disaster: support group

Three railway workers on trial for one of the deadliest and most destructive train disasters in Canadian history should not be made scapegoats for policy failures by the railway company they worked for and the federal government that failed to» 

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Preserving another piece of Canada’s vanishing railway history

Canada’s history is that of it’s railways. For example, the west coast province of British Columbia only agreed to join Canada if a railway was built to link it to the east. Railways brought settlers to the wide open country,» 

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Canadian town stranded by weather and an American-owned railway

The Arctic town and port of Churchill  in northern Manitoba is remote. There are no roads to get there and only a single rail line running from the port, some 900 km south to the town of The Pas where» 

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Legend of Canadian Pacific- author Barry Lane

Today one might call it a “fully integrated travel provider”. As such, it was also the biggest in the world.  It is a fantastic tale of a uniquely Canadian company, Canadian Pacific, and a new large coffee table type book» 

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History Sept. 15,1885: Death of a star entertainer, a huge star

At over 4 metres (13 feet) tall at the time of death, he was big. In fact in the English language his name has come to mean anything big from jumbo jets,  to jumbo shrimp..to, well anything big. Jumbo the» 

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History: Aug. 25, 1860- the longest railway bridge in the world.

In its day, and even before completion, the Victoria Bridge in Montreal was being hailed as an engineering marvel. At some 3 kilometres long, it was also the longest railway bridge in the world. Opened officially on this day, August» 


History: July 6 2013 – Canada’s deadly train disaster

Images of violent inferno in the middle of small Quebec town were seen around the world on this day three years ago. Known as the Lac Megantic rail disaster, a freight train carrying highly flammable fuel crashed and exploded in» 

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Two provinces call for Canadian government action to clear grain backlog

Two of Canada’s western prairie provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta, are calling on the federal government to ease the backlog of grain, and facilitate talks between grain and rail companies about getting grain to port. Saskatchewan’s Economy Minister Bill Boyd recently led a» 

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MM&A railway had repeated brake violations before Lac-Mégantic train tragedy

The railway company involved in a tragic train derailment which killed 47 people in the Canadian city of Lac-Mégantic had repeated infraction notices for violations of the rules surrounding the securing of trains, according to new media reports. Despite the»