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Immigration & Refuge

Overwhelming number of Canadians wanted to help Syrian refugees

So many Canadians volunteered to help the thousands of Syrian refugees coming to Canada starting in 2015 that resettlement agencies could not cope. After initially promising to take in 25,000 Syrians the government had admitted over 40,000 by January 2017.» 


Urgent call to limit exposure to toxic chemicals

An environmental group is calling on the government to enact stronger laws to protect Canadians from toxic chemicals. Environmental Defence cites a government report released today that shows most Canadians continue to be exposed to chemicals like BPA and parabens.» 

Economy, Society

Canadian income inequality is a city phenomenon

Increasing income inequality is a concern around the world, but a new report suggests that in Canada, rising inequality is mostly an urban phenomenon affecting people in the largest cities. It is not something felt evenly across the country, according» 

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Guaranteed income is a solution to food insecurity: report

A new report suggests that a good way to address the problem of food insecurity in Canada is to provide a guaranteed basic income to those in need. It’s estimated one in eight households in Canada’s richest province of Ontario» 


Canada’s freshwater ‘at risk’: WWF-Canada

Canada is home to 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater and, while Canadians believe it to be pristine and abundant, the World Wildlife Fund-Canada says it is at risk. The conservation group issued a report on all 25 of» 

Environment, Health, Society

Pollution costs Canadians billions annually: report

Pollution of all kinds is costing Canadians tens of billions of dollars every year, according to a new report by the non-profit group the International Institute for Sustainable Development. The international charitable organization collected information from published Canadian and international» 

Environment, Science and Technology, Society

Scientists concerned Arctic climate change much faster than expected

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising two times higher than the rest of the planet and are already affecting other parts of the world, according to an international assessment. The latest studies on the north were examined by 90 scientists» 

Animals, Society

Charity warns of threats to grizzly bears

A new report says the long term survival of grizzly bears in the western province of British Columbia (B.C.) is threatened because of a loss of habitat and food sources and a government-sanctioned trophy hunt. The recently-formed charitable organization, the» 

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‘Toxic’ fear-mongering threatens human rights worldwide: report

Amnesty International says “politicians wielding a toxic, dehumanizing “us vs them” rhetoric are creating a more divided and dangerous world which it compares to that of the 1930s. Division, fear, scapegoating is ‘very worrying’ “Our report this year is speaking» 

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Canada could suffer another fishery collapse, warns official

Canada’s commissioner of the environment and sustainable development has issued a dire warning about government management of fish stocks. “We’re at potential risk for another stock to potentially collapse. It’s disconcerting that the department wasn’t aware of this,” said Julie»