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Moose stuck in snow rescued by snowmobilers

Moose are big, heavy animals and it’s not usually a good idea to mess with them, but last weekend a group of snowmobilers in eastern Canada worked to free one stuck in a bog hole and 1.8 metres of snow.» 

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More devastating news: another right whale found dead

There are so few North Atlantic right whales left, that every single one is critical to their survival as a species. There are estimated to be only about 500 to 550 left alive. In June, in what came as a» 

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Man dies rescuing whale

Joe Howlett died after cutting a whale free of fishing line off the coast of New Brunswick in eastern Canada today. It was the last of about two dozen whales he has helped rescue since 2002. Canadian Press reporter Alison» 


Woman rescued from ravine in Vancouver suburb

A passerby heard cries of distress and found a woman trapped at the bottom of a ravine in Surrey, a suburb of the western city of Vancouver, reports CBC. Clint Whitla said he was just enjoying nature in a secluded» 

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Vancouver Parks bans cetaceans at aquarium

It has been a contentious issue for several years at marine parks around the world.  Protesters have long been saying, whales and porpoises should not be kept in the small pools of such parks, and not be used for entertainment.» 


Argentine climber rescued from Canada’s highest mountain

An Argentine climber stranded on Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak in Kluane National Park and Reserve in Yukon, has been rescued according to a blog post by her partner. Natalia Martínez, 37, was attempting a solo traverse of Mount Logan» 


Argentine climber awaits rescue on Canada’s highest peak

An Argentine climber stranded on Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak, will likely have to wait until Friday for a helicopter rescue, her partner told CBC News. Natalia Martínez has been at a camp situated at about 3,900 metres on the» 


Sky high rescue fascinates Toronto

We don’t know yet why a young woman climbed a crane in downtown Toronto and then slid down a cable. But she has been charged with mischief, according to CBC reporter Lauren Pelley. After her rescue, the young woman was» 

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Newfoundland blasted by another spring blizzard

Trapped whale dies, some dolphins rescued Much of the island of Newfoundland is under another severe weather warning as high winds up to 80 km/h and snow continue to sweep the area. In some areas anywhere from 50 up to» 

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Canada history: Jan 27,1980- The famous “Canadian Caper” rescue

It was January 27, 1980, a Sunday At 7:35 in the morning, a Swissair jet left Tehran airport with 6 very special passengers on board holding Canadian passports, apparently a Canadian film crew. But they were not Canadians, nor were»