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You love whales? Read RCI’s reports on them

You love whales and plan to go whale watching this summer? Read our articles on these fascinating creatures, the dangers they’re facing and the numerous projects and studies that have been launched to protect them. Belugas use personalized sounds to» 

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Whale entanglement: one freed, searching for another

(public commenting open on all RCI stories- comments will appear after moderation- scroll to bottom to post) Last year saw an unprecedented number of North Atlantic right whale deaths. The 18 reported deaths in Canadian and US waters of the» 

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Scientists alarmed: no right whale calves

No calves spotted this year For decades conservationists, and scientists have been extremely concerned about the population of North Atlantic right whales. Estimates are that there are now less than 450 of the animals left, only about 100 of which» 

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Gone in 20 years? Scientists raise alarm over northern Right whales

Extinction now possible, within decades.       (if photos don’t appear- refresh page) Scientists at at annual international conference on North Atlantic Right Whales have expressed extreme concern over the species survival. The meeting comes with special urgency after some» 

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More devastating news: another right whale found dead

There are so few North Atlantic right whales left, that every single one is critical to their survival as a species. There are estimated to be only about 500 to 550 left alive. In June, in what came as a» 

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Shocking right whale deaths: necropsies

It was a shock to marine biologists and conservationists everywhere. In a period of just a couple of weeks, six endangered right whales were found dead in the Gulf of St Lawrence. It’s a devastating blow to those hoping for» 

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Where have the whales gone, and why?

Researchers tracking the Atlantic Right whale have been somewhat concerned that the whales are not showing up in their usual summer feeding grounds in and around the northeastern US and eastern Canada. They are now using sophisticated technology to try» 

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Where are the whales?

They were once legion, but now there are only about 500 left.  Scientists don’t know where the North Atlantic right whales have gone and so have expanded a mobile phone app so citizens can help them locate the huge creatures.» 

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The drag effect of fishing gear entanglements on whales

We’ve all seen too many images of whales tangled in fishing gear.  This is heavy stuff, and the ropes can cut into the whale skin causing serious and potentiall deadly infections and injuries. However, dragging the weight through the water»