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Disability is most cited reason for discrimination: report

In its 2017 annual report, the Canadian Human Rights Commission notes that disability was by far (59 per cent) the most often cited ground for discrimination by people in Canada. A combined proportion of 23 per cent of complaints related» 

Supreme Court rules on cell phone privacy issue

Canada’s highest court has handed down a verdict in connection with police searches of cell phones and a citizen’s right to privacy. The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) case began with two different lower court cases in Canada, but is» 

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Lobster protest over alleged abuse of native fishing rights

“At $4-$5 a pound for illegal lobster, it’s easy money for poachers” (J Smith fisherman) Commercial lobster fishermen in southwestern Nova Scotia are angry. They’ve been staging protests outside of federal fisheries offices in the region over what they claim» 


Challenge to women’s clothing rules at swimming pools

A legal challenge has been filed in Ontario against a rule that females over age 10 must wear tops, ie cover their breasts, at public pools and parks. The suit names the eastern Ontario city of Cornwall, an Ontario water park,» 


Legal clinic challenges panhandling law

A community legal clinic in Toronto is going to court to challenge a law against panhandling in the province of Ontario. Clinic finds law violates rights The Fair Change clinic says the law violates several constitutional rights guaranteed by the» 

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New regulations will set out air travelers rights

The minister of Transport has introduced new legislation mandating the creation of a passenger bill of rights. This comes after the highly-publicized case of a man who was dragged off a United Airlines flight in April because his seat was needed for» 


Drunk driving charges: The weight of evidence, and language difficulties

In Canada driving after having drunk alcohol is a serious criminal offence. The legal limit for alcohol in the blood 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100millilitres of blood, (0.08 blood/alcohol content). The consequences may include a variety of penalties including» 


Fined for not giving up phone password at border

Canadian Alain Philippon was fined $500 for refusing to give border guards at an eastern Canadian airport the password to his cellphone. Philippon originally said he would fight the charge of hindering or obstructing border officials. But today his lawyer» 

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Dam threatens indigenous culture: Amnesty International

Amnesty International Canada has launched a worldwide campaign to stop construction of a massive hydroelectric dam in western Canada. It says the dam violates Canada’s commitments to uphold the human rights of indigenous peoples. “This is a dam that would» 

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Give migrant workers services, residency: report

A Canada-wide study shows that migrant workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation and concludes they should have access to the same services as immigrants and be granted permanent residency. The report called “Migrant Workers: Precarious and Unsupported” was released»