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Canada’s opposition leader lays out foreign policy priorities

The rise of China, the re-emergence of Russia’s Cold War mentality and states that export terrorism and extremism are some of the top foreign threats to Canada’s security and prosperity in the 21st century, says Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer. And» 

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Canada extends military training mission in Ukraine, Iraq

In  February 2014, Russia made incursions into Ukraine, eventually annexing Crimea in March. In April at about the same time as conflict erupted between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed armed separatists, Canada announced it would send Canadian military personnel to the» 


Canadian Arctic report urges stronger ties with NATO, Indigenous communities, but weak on science, say experts

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development presented its report on the Arctic to Canada’s House of Commons on Wednesday, and northern experts are praising the» 

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Parliamentary report on Arctic security tries to cut through ‘geopolitical fog’

Canada and its NATO allies need to do a better job of understanding Russia’s military intentions in the Arctic and “to consider the most appropriate and measured response,” says a new report by a parliamentary committee looking into Canada’s policy» 

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Russia scores scientific point in quest for extended Arctic continental shelf

Russia has scored an important scientific point in its quest to declare vast swaths of the Arctic as part of its extended continental shelf in the rapidly melting northern ocean, according to Russian officials. The United Nations Commission on the» 

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Trudeau extends Christmas greetings to divided Orthodox Christians

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called on Canadians who celebrate Orthodox Christmas today to “spread joy and kindness to their neighbours, extend a helping hand to those in need, and show greater compassion to those most vulnerable, at home and around» 


NATO’s Arctic dilemma: Two visions of the Arctic collide as NATO and Russia flex muscles

Rising tensions with Russia are forcing NATO to once again train its military forces to confront a large and well-armed opponent in northern Europe and possibly even in the Arctic. In late October and early November 2018, the alliance conducted» 

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Canada condemns Russian attack on Ukrainian naval vessels

Canada strongly condemns the Kremlin’s actions off the coast of Crimea, said Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland after Russian vessels fired on and seized three Ukrainian navy vessels in the Sea of Azov and Kerch Strait on Sunday. “We call» 

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National Ballet of Canada dazzles audiences with ‘historic’ tour of Russia

The National Ballet of Canada dazzled a sold-out audience in one of Moscow’s most prestigious venues during its first-ever tour of Russia on Monday. The Nationla Ballet’s tour of Russia, a global ballet superpower that has given the world classics» 

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Canada and allies accuse Russia of ‘malicious cyber-operations’

Canada and several of its key Western allies on Thursday accused Russia’s military intelligence service of a litany of ‘malicious cyber-operations’ including the hacking of the Canadian-based world anti-doping body and an attempt to hack into the chemical weapons watchdog»