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New radar to detect boats on dangerous Niagara River

High turbulence and strong currents near the International Control Dam at Niagara Falls can be dangerous. So, a new radar is being used to detect boaters and even small craft like canoes and paddle boards which stray away from safety» 


Toronto airport runway setup risks crashes

The unusual configuration of some of the runways at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport poses a risk of collision, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB). The board says there were 27 occasions between June 2012 and November 2017» 


Pilot hours capped to limit fatigue

Canada is introducing tougher limits on the number of hours commercial airline pilots can fly citing the goal of making air travel safer. Pilots have been asking for shorter flying times and the issue was vividly brought to the public’s» 


Employers can no longer require high heels in Alberta

The western province of Alberta has become the latest jurisdiction to prohibit employers from obliging workers to wear footwear that may pose a health and safety risk. In 2017, the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia passed laws banning mandatory» 

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Why no seatbelts in school busses?

CBC TV discovers flaws in widely used study against seatbelts School busses have a fairly good safety record, generally a child is many times safer riding in a bus than in a car.  A 2006 report by the Center for» 


Police to emphasize road rules on holiday weekend

Motorists should expect increased police presence and enforcement of road and highway rules this holiday weekend, October 5-8, 2018. Operation Impact is an annual, coordinated traffic initiative by police agencies across Canada to increase road safety and reduce accidents. About» 


Hiking hazards can be avoided

Canadians and people coming to Canada from abroad to hike can underestimate the hazards and find themselves in serious trouble if they are not prepared. It is a mistake to rely on a cellphone to call for help. Canada is» 


Plastic patch will detect e-coli in food

Canada has strict measures in place to assure the safety of food, but new technology may further reduce the chances that people eat contaminated food and get sick. Researchers at Western University in London, Ontario are developing a transparent plastic» 

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Safety warnings abound ahead of holiday

July 1 is Canada Day, a public holiday and a time when Canadians do all kinds of crazy things, some of which are dangerous. Summer is so short that Canadians are eager to celebrate on this first holiday of the» 


Laser attacks on aircraft can elicit fines, prison time

Laser attacks continue to put the safety of Canadians and flight crew at risk, says a news release from the Canadian government which goes on to announce penalties for those who launch them. A new measure prohibits the possession of»