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Cost of treating bicycle injuries likely soaring: CAA

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is advocating for better bicycle paths and public education to prevent death and injury. Statistics from the United States show the cost of treating bicycle injuries is increasing and reached $24.4 billion for the year» 

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Non-profit warns of acetaminophen link to liver failure

The common analgesic acetaminophen is the leading cause of liver failure in Canada and the non- profit Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Canada (ISMP) has issued a bulletin asking that it be used safely. It notes that about 4,500» 

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Employers anxious about marijuana in the workplace

The Canadian government will soon legalize the recreational use of marijuana but employers say it has failed to take steps to prevent its use in the workplace. Employers in Canada are legally obliged to ensure the safety of their workers,» 


Another death prompts calls for safer snow removal

At age 21, Jessica Holman-Price pushed her brother out of the way and was crushed under the wheels of a snow removal truck. © CBC A mother whose daughter died 11 years ago under the wheels of a snow removal truck» 

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Concussion conference: making sport safe

‘A serious and widespread problem’ Canada’s governor general, David Johnston, will host a one-day conference on concussions involving some of the country’s top names in professional and amateur sport as well as prominent medical experts. “We have a major challenge with» 

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Former Health Canada scientist against trade deals.

Canadian Shiv Chopra recently returned from the Hague where a mock international tribunal, and parallel “People’s Assembly”, were discussing if the multi-national bio-tech and chemical giant Monsanto, can be held accountable under human rights laws. Micro-biologist and veterinarian, for over» 


Pilots no longer need to fly to keep licences current

Rules have changed in Canada so that pilots can simply use simulator testing to keep their pilots’ licenses up to date, and experts say that is a threat to public safety. In the past, pilots could not maintain their licences» 

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Canadians becoming desensitized to terror stories, but concerned about travel

It seems almost every night, the news reports some horrific terrorist act, mass shooting, deliberate airline crash, bombing, or some other form of violence. One of the largest international polling firms has conducted a survey of Canadian attitudes to such» 

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History: July 6 2013 – Canada’s deadly train disaster

Images of violent inferno in the middle of small Quebec town were seen around the world on this day three years ago. Known as the Lac Megantic rail disaster, a freight train carrying highly flammable fuel crashed and exploded in» 


Independent board concerned about runaway trains

The Transportation Safety Board is concerned the government has not done enough to curtail a sharp increase in runaway trains, reports the Globe and Mail newspaper. In July 2013, a train’s brakes failed and it rolled into the town of»