Cannabis effects may differ for seniors, doctor urges caution

The recreational use of cannabis becomes legal in Canada on October 17, 2018 and doctors say seniors should inform themselves before consuming the drug. Dr. Mona Sidhu says seniors need to understand different strains of cannabis have different effects. “Often» 

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Growing old in Canada: news and reports from RCI

Seniors are a growing segment of the Canadian population. According to Statistics Canada, there could be 40,000 people over the age of 100 by 2051! What are the challenges of growing old in Canada? Read Radio Canada International reports on» 


Eye on the Arctic video archive: Do mobility devices in the Arctic need a rethink?

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North This week on Eye on the Arctic, we’re dipping into our video vault for a look at mental health services in the North.  CAMBRIDGE BAY, Canada _ Recovering from knee surgery» 


Study will help seniors avoid treatments they don’t want

Research suggests that frail elderly patients prefer to maintain a quality of life rather than prolong it by use of sometimes invasive technologies. A new study originating from McMaster University in Ontario will look at ways to improve discussions about» 

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Seniors’ homes must change to handle increasing rates of dementia

Every year, over 1,000 seniors in long-term residential care are victimized by aggressive fellow residents or harmed by neglect. Some abuse derives from the fact that more people in seniors’ residences have some form of cognitive impairment. The case of» 


Canada has more seniors than children, census reveals

Canada’s population is rapidly greying and centenarians now represent the fastest growing age group in the country, according to Statistics Canada’s 2016 census figures released today. For the first time since Confederation, the percentage of seniors in the population (16.9» 

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VIDEO: Do mobility devices in the Arctic need a rethink?

CAMBRIDGE BAY, Canada _ Recovering from knee surgery isn’t easy for anyone, but for Jimmy Okhina Sr., living in Arctic Canada made it that much more of a challenge. The surgery took place in Yellowknife, the capital city of Canada’s Northwest» 


Seniors vulnerable to financial abuse

CBC reported on a self-made millionaire who alleges his two eldest children took nearly all of his savings. This has prompted discussions about the vulnerability of seniors. Pete Stoopnikoff, 92, alleges two of his children have taken his money and properties.» 

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Seniors face transportation challenges, declining health

Canada’s aging population lacks accessible, affordable and appropriate transportation options, according to a new report, and that increase the risks for declining health and quality of life. The Conference Board of Canada has found that the main method of getting» 

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New health care model to improve care for seniors

Canadian hospitals were created for acute care and are not well organized to deal with the increasing numbers of elderly patients they get. Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto has created a model of best practices that improved care for seniors»