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Your hosts today are Lynn, Carmel, and Marc The use of antipsychotic drugs in seniors’ residences has been a matter of intense debate across Canada, not only because of their side-effects. © iStock A new study raising more questions about the» 

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Coroner investigating 32 deaths, rules all nursing homes should have sprinklers

The coroner investigating the deaths of 32 seniors in a nursing home fire last year has released his report, with a list of recommendations including the mandatory retrofitting of sprinklers in all nursing homes. In the conclusion of his report» 

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Seniors’ group appeals to governments to prevent another nursing home fire tragedy

A national seniors’ group has made an urgent appeal to provincial and federal ministers for legislation for fire sprinklers and safety plans for seniors nursing homes in Canada. The letter signed by Susan Eng, the Vice President Advocacy of CARP,» 

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Canada’s low income seniors face extremely heavy tax burdens

Low income seniors face extremely heavy tax burdens across Canada, according to a new C.D. Howe Institute report released Thursday (November 13). In “Who Loses Most? The Impact of Taxes and Transfers on Retirement Incomes,” authors Finn Poschmann and Alexandre» 

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Seniors’ residence fire – Are seniors put at risk because of sprinkler costs?

The Queen has sent condolences and many politicians are expressing their sympathies after a fire that killed numerous people in a seniors’ residence, but seniors’ advocacy activist Susan Eng says governments continue to allow owners of residences to save money,» 

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Seniors’ health care must be addressed, say doctors

Nine out of 10 Canadians believe Canada needs a pan-Canadian strategy for seniors’ health care, whether its at home, in hospitals, hospices or long-term facilities. That’s the result of a survey from the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). “The results of» 

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Study could help seniors keep driving

As a large segment of the Canadian population become elderly a wide-ranging study is looking at seniors and road safety. It’s hoped that learning more about seniors’ driving will help them stay on the road longer right up until it» 

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Creating “accepting” retirement housing for lesbian and gay seniors

A national survey conducted last year by Toronto-based, Forum Research, found that 2.6 % of Canadians aged 55 or older identified themselves as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) This group of seniors often doesn’t have the traditional support»