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Digital life and real life, the first lingers long after you’ve gone

Most of us probably have never thought about it. We have perhaps often heard that anything put on the internet is there forever, but that of course means it’s all still there after you are not. A legacy is what» 

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Shut down social media platforms, ‘call their bluff’, says ex-Facebook adviser

To protect democracy and personal freedoms, liberal democracies have to force a radical transformation of social media giants and may have to go as far as shutting down recalcitrant social media platforms, says former adviser to Facebook. “If your goals» 

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Limiting social media may be a growing trend, says educator

U.S. politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said social media pose a public health risk and she will give up Facebook and limit her use of other platforms. Studies have made links between heavy use of social media and anxiety and depression.» 

L-R: Marie-Claude, Levon, Lynn, Marc

The LINK Online: April 12, 13, 14, 2019

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, Marc (video of show at bottom) Research needed into ship noise effects on Narwhals in Nunavut With a mining company on Baffin Island, in the Arctic territory of Nunavut, requesting a permit for a significant» 

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U.K., Canada, others consider regulating websites

The United Kingdom has published proposals to directly regulate social-media platforms to stop hate speech and extremist posts.  It would include large media like Facebook and Twitter but smaller one too. Canada may follow suit. Fines, manager liability, shut-downs considered» 

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Facebook bans 6 Canadian ‘alt-right’ groups

Facebook is banning half a dozen pages linked to far-right, white nationalist and extremist groups, the social media giant announced Monday. The ban on Facebook and Instagram affects far-right political commentator Faith Goldy, white nationalist crusader Kevin Goudreau, as well» 

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Canadians get news from social media but don’t trust it: poll

While Canadians increasingly rely on their social media feeds to get their daily news, social media platforms are also the least trusted source of news, according to a new poll. The poll commissioned by the Canadian Journalism Foundation and conducted by Maru/Matchbox shows» 

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Why politicians should be very careful with social media

Death threats, swearing, support for terrorists, severe lack of historical knowledge and more are all things that have been posted online and haunted many Canadian politicians and political party officials in recent years. The most recent election in Canada’s most» 

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Twitter urges all users to change passwords after glitch

Twitter Inc urged its more than 330 million users to change their passwords after a glitch caused some to be stored in readable text on its internal computer system rather than disguised by a process known as “hashing”. “We recently» 

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Facebook data breach draws Canadian privacy concern

Canada’s privacy commissioner will contact Facebook to find out whether Canadians’ personal information was affected by its massive data leak. Canadian data expert Christopher Wylie has told media he helped found a company that helped Donald Trump’s campaign for U.S.»