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Songbirds in trouble over climate change, habitat loss

A new report suggest North America’s boreal songbirds face a serious threat of decline and even extirpation in some areas. The report says climate change is driving species further and further north,  and “refugia” corridors of natural forest are needed» 


Insecticide toxic to songbirds: study

Research at the University of Saskatchewan has linked the use of two kinds of widely-used insecticides to serious health issues in songbirds.  Scientists found that imidacloprid (neonicotinoid) and chlorpyrifos (organophosphate) are directly toxic to songbirds that eat seeds. Tests on» 

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North America’s land birds in decline

North America is losing its birds. While other studies have reported losses in seabirds, a new report says North America’s land bird population has been almost decimated over the last 40 years. Judith Kennedy is co-author of the report and» 

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Crisis for migratory birds-Americas, Europe

The situation is shocking to say the least. Many species of migratory birds we think are quite common, are actually threatened with extinction. A new report was released this month showing that in North America alone, some 37 per cent» 

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Pesticides and unusual die-off of bees

The provincial Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs in Ontario is asking farmers to be extra careful when planting this spring. Virtually all corn seed is treated with neonicotinoid insecticide, which the ministry says could pose a threat to»