Renowned authority on UFO’s dies

Stanton Friedman, dead at age 84 They’re called “ufologists” by some, these are people who study unidentified flying objects- or UFO’s. Stanton Friedman was among the best known authorities on “UFO’s” in the world, although he preferred to call them» 

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Canadian astronaut catches SpaceX capsule using Canadarm

A SpaceX shipment sent Saturday to the International Space Station was intercepted on Monday morning by Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques using the Canadian-built Canadarm 2 robotic arm. It was David Saint-Jacques’ very first “space catch”. The astronaut had, however, assisted his» 

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The LINK Online: April 12, 13, 14, 2019

Your hosts: Lynn, Levon, Marie-Claude, Marc (video of show at bottom) Research needed into ship noise effects on Narwhals in Nunavut With a mining company on Baffin Island, in the Arctic territory of Nunavut, requesting a permit for a significant» 

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Canadian astronaut space walk-Live feed and former astronaut interview

For the first time in 12 years, a Canadian astronaut is performing a space walk today.  Until about noon, eastern time, David Saint-Jacques is outside the International Space Station along with an American astronaut Anne McClain. Together they are working» 

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Canada joins in new NASA space project

Canada is joining the Lunar Gateway project which will create an outpost orbiting the moon to provide short term living space for astronauts, a docking station and laboratories. The outpost will be used to explore the moon and to provide» 

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The Year 2018 in space

It was an exciting year for space discoveries. A new satellite is exploring planets beyond our solar system , a visitor from beyond our galaxy and China achieves a major accomplishment on landing a probe on the far side of» 

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 Canadian heading to space

A Canadian is now orbiting Earth, along with a Russian and American, heading towards the international space station. David Saint-Jacques, a 48-year-old doctor and astro-physicist, blasted off aboard a Soyuz spacecraft with the two others in a trouble-free lift off» 

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New theory about Martian moons

The Martian moons are two pock-marked, cratered and slightly odd-shaped structures. It was long thought they were asteroids that long ago became captive of Martian gravity and pulled into orbit around the red planet. A new theory however suggests differently,» 

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Further evidence of a moon outside our solar system

For the first time, astronauts last year thought they may have found a moon outside our solar system, and recent observations lend credence to the existence of this exomoon. This moon is thought to be the size and mass of» 


NASA mission will study the heart of Mars

There have been several spacecraft sent to study Mars but NASA is hoping to launch the first to look at the planet’s interior on May 5, 2018. InSight, as it is called, will take six months to reach Mars and»