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Your hosts this week Terry, Er, Marc Even with tracking function off, Google still knows where you are and keeps the information A recent investigation shows that your movements are still being tracked and recorded even when you turn your» 

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Profiting from tragedy: poor judgement, misunderstandings and outright scams

The Humboldt Broncos tragedy: Hockey league latest to come under criticism A small town hockey team from Humboldt Saskatchewan were travelling by bus to a match when a collision with a truck virtually wiped out the team.   The April 6» 

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Gun control: More restrictions targeting wrong people?

(public comments are open and can be posted and read at the very bottom of page) Guns and gun control have long been a highly contentious issue in Canada. There are about two million licensed firearms owners in this country» 

The sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting:Christa Paterson

It’s fast, loud, challenging to do, and exciting to watch; it’s the relatively new sport of “cowboy mounted shooting”. You have to know how to ride a horse, and be a good shot, with good reflexes. This is something you» 

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Technology vs. new rules in the sport of curling

Technology in sport changes everything, and that seems to the case for the international sport of curling. On Saturday (Sept.10)  the 54 member World Curling Federation, the ruling international body for competitions, agreed on new rules to deal with new» 

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Rio Olympics: can too much exercise/training cause heart problems?

Athletes preparing for the Olympic games must push their physical condition to the limit. Athletes not at the Olympic level, often push their bodies to their own limits. Some have suggested this can cause heart problems later in life. Reports» 

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Olympic athletes: doping scandal, re-testing, possible bans

The issue of doping has once again rocked international sports. This time the Olympics are in the news. Discussing the issue is Stuart Phillips, an expert on doping in sports  professor of Kinesiology at McMaster, and Tier-1 Canada Research Chair,» 

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Canada’s colours for the 2016 Rio games

The Team Canada uniforms and sportswear for the upcoming Rio games were unveiled this week. As might be expected there were mixed reactions. Many liked the new design, others criticized them for various reasons. Some were concerned about the provenance» 

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Canadian co-named as “Adventurer of the Year”

Alberta resident Will Gadd, 47, has been co-awarded the title of ‘adventurer of the year 2015’ by the US-based National Geographic magazine. Award winning adventurer, ice-climber, kayaker, and paraglider Will Gadd © twitter@gilwad The title would add to his already impressive» 

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Children’s sport: No winners, no losers?

A group promoting sports activity in Canada says that to inspire children to get involved in sports and maintain that interest, the idea of keeping scores should be stopped. Richard Way is the project lead for Long-Term Athlete Development, with»