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Many Canadian vets unhappy about relationship with Ottawa

When the Liberals swept to power in Canada’s 2015 federal election, a lot of people were excited. Not least among them were Canada’s veterans. Justin Trudeau went out of his way–or so it seemed–to court veterans with promises to improve» 

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Trudeau says no promises broken in Canada Post controversy

In 2014 when Stephen Harper’s Conservative government announced it was going to phase out door-to-door delivery of mail to about five million households over five years, the reaction was swift. Most Canadians, especially those directly involved, were–to say the least–less» 

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Swingback: making sense of Canadian foreign policy under Harper and Trudeau

There are few Canadian journalists who would have been more qualified to write a book about Canadian foreign policy than Mike Blanchfield. To say that for the last two decades Blanchfield has had a front seat in observing and reporting» 

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Stephen Harper resigns his seat

Stephen Harper, the former Prime Minister of Canada, resigned his seat in Parliament today. In a recorded message on his facebook page, Stephen Harper thanked his MP’s, and listed the Conservative government’s accomplishments, after almost 10 years in power. The» 


UnGoogling Harper’s web legacy

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has asked Google to delete from its search results dozens of web pages of his Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper’s days as prime minister. The search result deletion requests sent to Google by the Privy Council» 

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Trudeau, Harper meet to begin transition

Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau met Wednesday on Parliament Hill to begin the process of transferring power from Harper’s Conservative Party to Trudeau’s Liberals. Trudeau won a healthy majority government in Monday’s election, relegating the Conservatives to the Official Opposition.» 

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Economy likely will dominate campaign this week

The longest federal election since the 19th Century has entered it’s second half as public opinion polls continue to suggest that the race toward Oct. 19, voting day, remains very, very close–with all three major parties hovering around 30 per» 


Ontario premier’s letter to PM Harper calls for ‘collaboration’ and not ‘confrontation’

In a letter made public Thursday (December 11), the premier of Canada’s most populous province of Ontario Kathleen Wynne has once again asked for a face-to-face meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper writing that December 5th marked the one» 


New ministers in Harper government supplied with list of ‘enemies’ to avoid

Besides being saluted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, each new minister sworn in after Monday’s cabinet shuffle also received a ‘transition binder’ which included a list of government’s enemies to be avoided, a leaked e-mail suggests. The email, obtained by» 


PM’s office behind leaked information on Liberal opposition leader

Canadian news media outlets are now very publicly confirming that the office of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the source of information used to attack Liberal opposition leader Justin Trudeau. At issue are fees paid to Trudeau for speaking»