Fluoride in pregnant women shows water is the primary source

A new study suggests fluoride levels in the urine of pregnant women are twice as high for those living in Canadian cities which add fluoride to the water. This matter is of concern since a Mexican study found an association» 

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Today’s kids are not ‘physically literate’

A new and extensive research study of thousands of Canadian children found that generally Canadian children are not doing well when it comes to “physical literacy”. More than just a measure of physical fitness, this is a Canadian-inspired concept which» 


Low-carb diet may increase mortality risk: study

Over 60 per cent of Canadians are overweight or obese and many try to lose weight with diets that severely limit the intake of carbohydrates. But new research suggests adopting a low-carb diet is associated with increased mortality. The study» 


Organized sport does not interfere with children’s free play: study

There has been concern in Canada that families may over schedule their children in organized sports to the detriment of free play. Free play is seen as important to a child’s overall health and development. A new study from the» 


Sucking up to the boss may increase employees’ bad behaviour: study

There may be long-term benefits from ingratiating oneself to an employer but a new study suggest it can deplete the employee’s self-control and lead to negative behaviour, according to a recent study. More depleted, more tired, maybe even rude “We» 


Study dispels ‘myth’ that gluten-free food is nutritionally better

Even though their children do not need to eat gluten-free foods for health reasons, some parents buy these foods because they think they are healthier. A new study finds they are not nutritionally superior and says research shatters “the myth”» 

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Noise effects on whales, other mammals to be studied

The Canadian government will provide $26.6 million to researchers investigating the impact of shipping-related noise on whales and other marine mammals. Several species use sound to communicate with each other, to navigate and feed. Noise generated by ship engines and» 


Email incivility affects work and partners too: study

A new study shows that frequent rude or ill-timed emails negatively affect employees and can affect their partners. A survey of 167 dual-earner couples shows that when employees get a greater number of emails that are nasty in tone or» 

Diabetes stigma may lead to emergencies among teens: study

It’s hard enough coping with adolescence, but add in the challenges of coping with type 1 diabetes and teens can sometimes neglect their treatment and come close to suffering dangerous health crises. This is the finding from a recent study» 

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Weekend sleep may make up for deficits, but enough sleep every night is better

A study by Swedish researchers suggests that possibly, long weekend sleeps may compensate for short weekday sleeps. The study involved over 43,000 people who were followed for 13 years. Researchers found that those who slept fewer than five hours a»