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Study: “vaping” does lead to smoking cigarettes

A new Canadian study seems to put paid to an argument that e-cigarettes keeps young people away from smoking tobacco. In fact, the study says just the contrary The study involved some 44,000 teenage students in Ontario and Alberta and» 


‘Reduced-sugar’ products may not be as healthy as expected: study

A new study suggests that packaged foods that are labelled ‘no added sugar’ or ‘reduced in sugar’ are healthier but may not be as healthy as consumers expect. Analysis of over 3,000 food labels in a University of Toronto database» 

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Games can reduce racial bias in the young: study

Computer games can help very young children overcome implicit biases they have against people of unfamiliar races, according to a study by researchers at the University of Toronto and international colleagues. “These kinds of biases are automatic biases that children» 

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Antidepressants accumulating in fish brains: study

Scientists have found that human antidepressants are accumulating in the brains of fish that are found in the Niagara River at the heart of North America. This river flows between the United States and Canada and connects two of the» 


Study will help seniors avoid treatments they don’t want

Research suggests that frail elderly patients prefer to maintain a quality of life rather than prolong it by use of sometimes invasive technologies. A new study originating from McMaster University in Ontario will look at ways to improve discussions about» 


Children eating poorly at school, study finds

A new study suggests Canadian children are not eating enough good food at school to meet their dietary requirement of vitamins and minerals. Researchers at the University of British Columbia also found that during school hours, students were eating less nutritious foods» 

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Mainly standing at work is bad for your heart: study

There have been several studies recently that suggest sitting for too long is bad for your health, but a new one says standing could be even worse. People who work more than four or five hours a day standing have» 

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Concussion has long-term effect on the brain: study

Doctors expect to see changes in athletes’ brains right after a concussion, but a new study shows there are physical differences in the brains months and years after concussion. Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital used advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)» 

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New research may help prevent potholes

Potholes are ubiquitous in Canada. The city of Montreal alone fixes about 50,000 holes in the road every year. It’s estimated about 20.6 per cent of Canadian roads are in poor or very poor condition. Part of the blame is» 

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Permafrost thawing faster, feeding climate change: study

A new study suggests that frozen ground in Arctic regions of the world will thaw faster than most research predicts and could worsen climate change very significantly. Permafrost is land that is at or below 0 C continuously for at»