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Cannabis users likely to buy more when products become legal

The recreational use of cannabis is likely to be legalized later this year and a new survey suggests that once it is, current users expect to increase their consumption by 35 per cent. The poll conducted by accounting giant Deloitte» 

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GM foods: Canadians not fearful, but want to know.

A new study by Dalhousie University of Halifax Nova Scotia shows Canadians are divided and confused about genetically modified foods. Sylvian Charlebois (PhD) is the lead author. He is a professor in Food Distribution and Policy, and Dean of the» 

Canadians say zoos and aquaria are useful, but not in the keeping of dolphins and whales

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Canadians say zoos, aquariums ok, but not for dolphins, whales

The issue of animals in captivity has become a thorny one in recent years, especially in relation to cetaceans, (dolphins, whales) In Canada, only two facilities house cetaceans, Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia.» 


Marriage: a fading concept for Canadians?

Over the course of centuries there have been vast numbers of songs about love and marriage, poems about it, plays and films about love, marriage and weddings. Indeed, there is a vast industry built up about weddings and huge bridal» 

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ADHD support in schools is lacking: survey

In a Canadian survey, 45 per cent of parents of children with ADHD said their children were not getting support for their disability in their schools. The main characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. These» 

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Canada: The middle class dream shrinking rapidly

After a long working life, most people hope to have an easy and enjoyable retirement.  That was one of the basic concepts of the “middle class dream”.  That may have been more possible in the past but a new survey» 


Over half Canadian women report sexual harassment at work: poll

One out of every two women in Canada report having experienced sexual harassment at work and 90 per cent of women say  they use strategies to avoid it, according to a public opinion survey by the Angus Reid Institute.  Large» 


Canadian employees are less loyal: survey

A survey conducted in 13 countries suggests that only 57 per cent of Canadian employees feel loyal to their employer, well below the global average of 70 per cent. The research, conducted by the consulting firm ADP Research Institute, involved» 

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But what about if you die?

You’d think with so much money, lawyers and advisors available, a mega pop star like Prince would have had a last will and testament in place, but he didn’t.  His sudden death left assets of approximately $300 million in the» 


Transgender youth avoiding health care: study

Almost half of transgender young Canadians are not getting health care when they need it, suggests a study from the University of British Columbia. Researchers sought information from 923 people between 14 and 25 year old in a transgender survey»