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NATO spending: Canadians say yes, and, no

At the recent NATO leaders meeting, U.S. President Donald Trump berated many countries saying they weren’t living up to their requirements to spend two per cent of the their gross domestic product (GDP) on defence. Canada has long been lax» 


Most think young women will face violence: poll

A new survey suggests 79 per cent of Canadians believe young women are just as likely as or even more likely to experience sexual assault than were previous generations. This view is especially prevalent among women aged between 18 and 35,» 

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Canadian attitudes to immigration stay positive

Canadian opinions about immigration are just as positive, if not even more so than they were in October 2016, according new public opinion survey. The Environics Institute decided to get the facts following a hardening of attitudes towards immigrants in» 

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Canadians are welcoming…but getting nervous

Canadians concerned about illegal border crossings, security Shortly after Donald Trump was officially named as President of the United States, some of those living illegally in the US and /or awaiting word on their refugee claims began to worry about» 

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Executives wary about Trump

A survey of Canadian executives suggests they are ambivalent about U.S. President Donald Trump even as they see much that is positive for their businesses. The poll of 156 CEOs was conducted by telephone on behalf of KPMG and published» 

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Canadians views on various religions and religious garb softening

A new survey says Canadians tolerance levels for various obvious religious clothing is increasing. While Christianity and Buddhism are viewed favourably, almost half of respondents (46%) viewed Islam negatively. While the wearing of a Turban was viewed as OK by» 

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Use of drugs by drivers called ‘extremely concerning’

The province of Manitoba’s public insurance corporation conducted voluntary roadside surveys towards the end of last year and found one in 10 drivers tested positive for drugs. Out of 1,230 drivers who took part, 124 were found to have taken» 

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Canada is not immune to the rise of populism, suggest poll

Those Canadians who watch U.S. President Donald Trump with horror should not take any comfort in assuming Canadians would not elect a similar leader. A yearly public opinion survey suggests Canadian attitudes have changed in the last year and are» 

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What you think you know about your country, vs. reality and facts

We get the news, we talk to others, and we get an idea of what’s going on around us. It seems however that our beliefs about situations in our respective countries, may be quite far from the reality, the facts» 

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Canadians positive on climate plan: survey

Most Canadian governments have endorsed a national climate and clean growth plan, and a new public opinion poll suggests most Canadians have a positive rather than negative reaction. The survey was commissioned by Clean Energy Canada, a climate and energy»