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The end of passwords: Coming soon to a device near you

You have a password for your computer, your phone,  your email, your social media sites, forum sites, etc etc. It gets confusing and you forget them. Or, you use the same one for almost everything, which is a bad move.» 

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Tracking the world’s fishing fleet

For the first time, fishing vessels world-wide can be tracked. Researchers from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia along with other institutions, have developed the new global fishing dataset. Kristian Boerder (PhD candidate) at the Boris Worm Lab at Dalhousie is» 

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The existential threat of giant “tech” corporations

We live our lives increasingly surrounded by technology. This is not  just for communication. Algorithms now write news and sports stories, decide whose job request resumes get accepted or rejected , allow us to turn our house lights on or»