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Judge rules man not a terrorist, police insist he’s a threat

In 2017, a British Columbia resident, Othman Ayed Hamdan, was acquitted by a judge on charges of terrorism.  However, the police still insist he’s a threat radicalized by Daesh (ISIS) and who was advocating for “lone wolf” style attacks in» 

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Canadian pro-Daesh teenager sentenced

A teenager in Brandon Manitoba has been sentenced to time served and two years probation for online counseling of terrorism. The teen’s name can’t be mentioned as he was 16-years-old at the time and so considered a minor. He was» 

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Istanbul New Year’s terrorist murders- implications.

There is still confusion surrounding the tragic attack on revellers at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul. Daesh (ISIS) is now claiming responsibility for the attack by a lone gunman which left 39 dead and 70 in hospital. It seems the» 

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Worrisome photo as terror suspect poses beside Prime Minister

Many very serious questions are being raised about a mobile phone”selfie” in which a Canadian man suspected of involvement with middle-eastern terrorists, took a photo standing beside Prime Minister Trudeau. The incident took place in 2015 at a Montreal public» 

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Canadian hostages in Philippines: PM – Canada pays no ransom

The news came Monday. A Canadian tourist among a small group taken hostage by an extremist Muslim group in the Phillipines was brutally beheaded. After a ransom deadline passed,  John Ridsdel’s head was dumped in Jolo, a town in Sulu» 

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Documentary film: A Jihadi in the Family

Imagine the shock to learn your son or daughter, who grew up watching cartoons, playing with friends, enjoying sports and music, suddenly, very suddenly, disappeared.  Then later you discover they have joined ISIS and are fighting as extremist jihadis in» 

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Air India bomb-maker released on parole

It remains Canada’s worst case of terrorist mass murder, and indeed still one of the worst in the world. Now, of the many alleged conspirators, the only one convicted, is being released on parole. On June 23, 1985, a bomb» 

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Canadian security expert on reaction to Paris terrorist attacks.

The horrific attacks in Paris on Friday November 13 have shocked the world. It was the second deadly terror attack in France this year following the murders at the Charlie Hebdo magzine,  and one of the most deadly attacks in» 

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Canada initiates action to revoke citizenship

The Federal government announced this week that it has begun the first case of revoking citizenship under a new law. The new law, first introduced last June, went into effect this May and would enable the government to revoke citizenship» 

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History: June 23, 1985: Canada’s worst terrorist air tragedy

On June 23 1985, hundreds of happy passengers boarded a flight in Canada destined for India. The Air India 747 designated as Flight 182 left Toronto with a stop in Montreal for more passengers before heading across the Atlantic to»