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Christmas: season of joy, and stealing packages

Thieves take advantage of online buying/delivery practices As we near Christmas, more and more people it seems are doing shopping online.  Packages then are delivered to your door by post or courier. The trouble is that if no-one is home» 

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There it was, gone! Stolen cars in Canada

Top ten stolen vehicles in Canada If you own a late model Ford pickup in Canada, you might not own it for long. A prime target for theft across Canada, a recent model F350. A popular target across Canada, various» 


Canadian military- millions worth of lost and stolen items

Things have always gone missing from the Canadian military, as is probably the case for a lot of military forces. This is often because of the rushed nature of missions around the world, or even the inherent confusion of large-scale» 


UPDATE: The man with the golden bum

It was a rare but certainly interesting case of theft, and the perpetrator has now been sentenced. An employee of the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa was found to have been stealing gold from the mint. In November of last» 


Hot computer parts, National Defence fraud

A 33-year-old civilian employee of Canada’s Defence Department has been has pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and breach of trust. Andrew Heggaton worked for the Canadian Forces Cryto Support Unit began stealing computer parts in June 2011, and continued» 

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The man with the golden bum

Ok apologies to James Bond fans.. but police were trying to figure out how someone was making off with gold from Canada’s mint. The case has been kept very quiet: the Royal Canadian Mint doesn’t like to advertise that they» 


Missing coffee shop credit card leads to arrest

Canadians love their Tim Hortons coffee, and one in particular loves the fact that a pre-paid card from the chain of shops led to the recovery stolen goods and two arrests. As CBC reports, a woman from the western province of» 


Canada’s flying bandit and the Great Winnipeg Gold Heist

The Flying Bandit In a strange twist, one of Canada’s most notorious criminals, was actually admired by Canadians. In the 1950’s and 60’s he stole planes, robbed banks,  staged prison breaks and committed one of Canada’s greatest robberies. Born in» 


Selfie leads to arrest of suspected car thieves

Many Canadians love to take photos of themselves with mobile phones, but taking a so-called selfie has got three suspected car thieves in a heap of trouble. Lucille Lavoie had parked her car in the western city of Winnipeg on» 

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History- Sept. 4, 1972, Canada’s biggest art theft still unsolved

It was just like one of the greatest robbery films. It could be a film, should be a film, and it’s surprising it’s not a film The Museum had been established by Montreal’s English-speaking elite, but in thelate 60’s and»