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The Great Berlin gold heist

It was the perfect crime…well, almost perfect. It involved none of the high-tech gimmicks and and meticulous split second timing by team of ultra sophisticated thieves like you see in the movies. What it did involve was an ordinary ladder, » 

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Stolen vehicle list Canada 2018

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released its top 10 list of stolen vehicles in this country.  Since 2003 they’ve been compiling a list of insurance claims from across Canada to determine the brands and models of vehicles most commonly» 

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Manitoba reports a spike in liqour store thefts

It’s become brazen.  People are walking into liquor stores, picking up some bottles and simply walking out without paying. The losses have become substantial. In Canada, liquor sales are controlled through provincial government stores. The Manitoba Liqour and Lotteries agency» 


Man charged for theft of memorial plaques

(public commenting open on all RCI stories at bottom of page) It has become a plaque in recent years. Many memorial plaques and ornaments of brass, bronze, and copper are being regularly stolen and sold for scrap. As the value» 

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Gas prices rise − so does gas theft, and damage

Gasoline prices in Canada have risen to record levels and with it a fairly recent phenomenon. Gasoline (petrol) has now hit record highs of over $1.60 per litre in Vancouver, while in Montreal for example prices are over $1.45/l. Technology» 

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Christmas: season of joy, and stealing packages

Thieves take advantage of online buying/delivery practices As we near Christmas, more and more people it seems are doing shopping online.  Packages then are delivered to your door by post or courier. The trouble is that if no-one is home» 

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There it was, gone! Stolen cars in Canada

Top ten stolen vehicles in Canada If you own a late model Ford pickup in Canada, you might not own it for long. A prime target for theft across Canada, a recent model F350. A popular target across Canada, various» 


Canadian military- millions worth of lost and stolen items

Things have always gone missing from the Canadian military, as is probably the case for a lot of military forces. This is often because of the rushed nature of missions around the world, or even the inherent confusion of large-scale» 


UPDATE: The man with the golden bum

It was a rare but certainly interesting case of theft, and the perpetrator has now been sentenced. An employee of the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa was found to have been stealing gold from the mint. In November of last» 


Hot computer parts, National Defence fraud

A 33-year-old civilian employee of Canada’s Defence Department has been has pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and breach of trust. Andrew Heggaton worked for the Canadian Forces Cryto Support Unit began stealing computer parts in June 2011, and continued»