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Girl in stolen car reunited with parents

It was a parent’s worst nightmare and maybe bad news for the thief too. A family car was stolen from the driveway with a four-year old girl inside. Repeated alerts were issued by Toronto police and a frantic search ensued.» 

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High rental costs and the “hollowing out” of city centres

Two of Canada’s major cities have long been in the news for skyrocketing house costs. Both Toronto, Canada’s biggest city and urban area, and Vancouver on the west coast, have made international headlines for the ever increasing costs to buy» 

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Another one to blame on GPS..apparently

Another one for the books I guess. Toronto public transit service on some major routes was delayed for a few hours this morning, disturbing vast numbers of commuters in Canada’s biggest city. Someone, somehow, drove their vehicle into a streetcar» 

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Huge rent hike leaves Toronto reporter couch-surfing

For anyone trying to decide where to settle in Canada, it is a good idea to look at the big differences in the cost of housing across the country. This came to my attention again when I saw a story» 

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Toronto school bans phones in class, other schools say bring them.

The Earl Grey Public School in Toronto has banned mobile phones from the classroom and the school hallways. The ban goes into effect today. The 12 and 13 year-old students  at the junior high school (grades 7-8) were told their» 

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Toronto charity set to celebrate Black History Month

Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre is set to kick off two weekends of activities in what it bills as Toronto’s longest-running celebration of Black History Month. This is the 22nd edition of the Kuumba festival and it will focus on “the current» 

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Russian arrested in Toronto for scary stunts.

His name is apparently Oleg Cricket, born in Siberia. The acrobat and stuntman is widely known for death-defying stunts on Instagram where he has about 300,000 followers. The energy drink company Red Bull which promotes adrenalin-filled events and heart-stopping exploits,» 

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The English language, gender rights, free speech laws, a professor under siege

It is to say the least, a complicated and controversial situation. Gender activists who are transgender or who identify as neither male nor female (“non-binary”) or who otherwise identify themselves as being somewhere along the gender continuum, want to be» 

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Toronto named the child poverty capital of Canada

Toronto is planning cuts to low-income services at the same time as a new report says it has the highest number of children living in poverty of any large Canadian city. Based on tax information, 27 per cent of Toronto» 

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Beat these tough Canadians, if you can

It’s another world record for Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ontario. This past weekend, the 85-year-old set another world record as he finished a marathon in under four hours. The champion runner completed Toronto’s Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in just three hours,»