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Toronto subway air quality: as bad as Beijing

A study of the three metropolitan subway systems in Canada’s three major cities shows some surprising results. The systems were tested in Vancouver on the west coast, and in Toronto and Montreal in central Canada. The findings were published in» 

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Ontario tries to cool superheated housing costs: Toronto and region

In the face of skyrocketing housing and rental costs, the Ontario government has followed the lead of the west coast city of Vancouver. In the face of many claims that foreign investors are artificially inflating housing prices, Ontario has put» 

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Ontario to tax foreign home buyers, expand rent control

The provincial government in Ontario is introducing new measures in a desperate attempt to cool down the red-hot housing market in the greater Toronto area by taxing foreign buyers and expanding rent controls in the province. The government’s 16-point plan» 


Toronto police ask the public about squad car design

Police in Canada’s largest city are asking for public input on the new design for squad cars. The Toronto Police Services Boardhad chosen a dark grey design in November 2016 but people complained it wasn’t visible enough or looked more» 

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It’s a boy, and girl and a girl and a girl, for the Toronto Zoo

(with files from Canadian Press) There are 18 penguin species around the world, and among them the African penguin is the most endangered. Two pairs of African penguins at the Toronto Zoo have laid four eggs which hatched successfully in» 

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Gay pride inclusiveness questioned as Toronto may pull its funding

It’s not about trying to save money, it’s about the principle” J.Campbell The annual gay pride parade in Toronto is a huge event attracting tens of thousands from around the region and internationally. The parade organizers, under pressure from a» 


Girl in stolen car reunited with parents

It was a parent’s worst nightmare and maybe bad news for the thief too. A family car was stolen from the driveway with a four-year old girl inside. Repeated alerts were issued by Toronto police and a frantic search ensued.» 

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High rental costs and the “hollowing out” of city centres

Two of Canada’s major cities have long been in the news for skyrocketing house costs. Both Toronto, Canada’s biggest city and urban area, and Vancouver on the west coast, have made international headlines for the ever increasing costs to buy» 

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Another one to blame on GPS..apparently

Another one for the books I guess. Toronto public transit service on some major routes was delayed for a few hours this morning, disturbing vast numbers of commuters in Canada’s biggest city. Someone, somehow, drove their vehicle into a streetcar» 

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Huge rent hike leaves Toronto reporter couch-surfing

For anyone trying to decide where to settle in Canada, it is a good idea to look at the big differences in the cost of housing across the country. This came to my attention again when I saw a story»