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Neutrinos: Towards discovering the secrets of the cosmos

“Whenever anything cool happens in the universe, neutrinos are usually involved” Lindley Winslow, MIT They’re so tiny, and virtually without mass, that trillions of them zip completely through us every day. In fact they pass through everything and only rarely have» 

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Move more cargo by bike in Toronto, group recommends

© Pembina Institute Traffic congestion is a big problem in Canada’s largest city and could be relieved by moving cargo by bicycle, concludes a report by the energy think tank, Pembina Institute. It could also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other» 

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Invictus Games Toronto: super!

The Invictus games in Toronto, Ontario have ended. By all accounts it was an enormous success. Steve Wallace is the Chief Marketing Officer and I reached him in Toronto. Steve Wallace, Chief Marketing Officer celebrates at the closing Ceremonies of» 

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Steven Heinemann: Art in 5 dimensions (3D and 2D)

Canadian artist Steven Heinemann knew from a young age he wanted to be an artist. After decades as a successful and renowned creator, the Gardiner Museum will be holding a retrospective in October this year featuring the Ontario artist’s work» 

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A little cooling in Canada’s hottest housing market

For years Canada’ s housing market has been listed as “overheated” by several economic experts and ratings agencies both in Canada and internationally. This includes what might be considered two “superheated” markets around the cities of Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver,» 

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Backlash from ? cancels “No Fascist-free speech” comedy night

It was to be a comedy night destined to make light of current confrontations over the right of free speech.   Proceeds from the event were to go to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. It didn’t work out that way. Organizer» 


Bombardier shut out of New York subway deal due to delays

Montreal-based Bombardier has informed employees that its bid on a $3.2-billion contract with New York’s transit authority has been sidelined, reports Canadian Press. The reason given is past poor performance and delays. Transit officials in Toronto have been furious over» 


Police look for bikers who mobbed Toronto highways

Ontario Provincial Police are asking the public to help them find dozens of people involved in motorcycle mobs that blocked several public highways in the Toronto area last Sunday afternoon. The action caused traffic delays and prompted angry calls to» 


Home sales, prices drop in Greater Toronto Area

Home sales in the Greater Toronto Area dropped by 40.4 per cent in July compared to the same month in 2016, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board. The average selling price of all homes was $746,218 and while that» 

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North American Indigenous Games kick off in Toronto

More than 5,000 athletes from across North America are in Toronto this week to take part in the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), which are being held in Eastern Canada for the first time in 25 years. The opening ceremony»