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Taking your meds: new technology and technique to help you remember

Doctors are constantly frustrated by patients who don’t take the full programme of medications prescribed. For one thing, with antibiotics it can lead to bacterial resistance, but in cases like transplants or grafts, it can be life threatening. A recent» 


‘No sympathy or prejudice’ judge instructs jurors for Lac-Mégantic train disaster

As they deliberate the fate of three men charged in one of the worst train disasters in Canadian history, they must make their judgement without sympathy or prejudice or regard for public opinion, Quebec Superior Court Justice Gaétan Dumas told 12» 


‘Wrong people on trial’ for Lac-Mégantic disaster: support group

Three railway workers on trial for one of the deadliest and most destructive train disasters in Canadian history should not be made scapegoats for policy failures by the railway company they worked for and the federal government that failed to» 


Jury selection begins in deadly Lac-Mégantic train disaster trial

Four years after a runaway train derailed and exploded in the Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic, killing 47 people, the criminal trial for the three men charged in one of Canada’s worst railway disasters is set to begin this morning with» 


Canada’s top court affirms decision to ensure timely trials

The Supreme Court of Canada has re-affirmed its controversial decision on what constitutes an unreasonable delay in court proceedings, by ruling that a Newfoundland man accused of drug trafficking should not face prosecution because his case took too long to» 


Crown agrees accused murderer had a mental disorder

The prosecutor has agreed that a young man accused of stabbing to death five youths at a house party was suffering a psychosis and did not realize he was doing wrong, reports Canadian Press This means 24-year-old Matthew de Grood»