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Stolen vehicle list Canada 2018

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released its top 10 list of stolen vehicles in this country.  Since 2003 they’ve been compiling a list of insurance claims from across Canada to determine the brands and models of vehicles most commonly» 

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Canadian Forces get new vehicle

New types of war, new environments, new types of vehicle. It may remind some of the British SAS Land Rovers, or the now gone versions of the Canadian Iltis, perhaps the U.S. dune buggy like, Chenowth FAV, or perhaps even» 


Canada condemns ‘senseless’ truck attack in Sweden

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strongly condemned an apparent terrorist attack in the Swedish capital that claimed the lives of four people and injured 15 people after a truck plowed into a crowd on a shopping street and crashed into a» 


Cyclist survives being dragged under truck

“A miracle” is how Police Sgt. Ron Stewart describes the survival of cyclist who was dragged under a semi-trailer for about a half a kilometre on Wednesday. It is becoming increasingly popular among Canadians to ride bicycles to work although»