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Franklin expedition shipwrecks; who owns what

Sir John Franklin set out to find the fabled Northwest Passage to China and India. Setting out from England in 1845, it was the last he, and the crew would be seen. The lost mission sparked many search and rescue» 


Britain will give historic Franklin wrecks to Canada

The U.K. government has announced it will gift two recently-found wrecks from the historic Franklin expedition to Canada, while holding back a small sample of artifacts for its own museums. It was in 1845 that Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin set» 

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Canada and U.K. join forces on global coal phase-out

Canada and the United Kingdom are joining forces to push for transition from unabated coal-fired electricity production to cleaner energy sources at next month’s United Nations climate change meetings in Germany, the two countries’ environment ministers announced Wednesday. In a» 

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The U.S.-Canada plane dispute: U.K. joins the fray

It began with a plan for Canada to buy 18 Super-Hornet fighter jets from Boeing as a stop-gap measure to fill a gap in Canada’s air defences. The just revealed price tag of around $6-billion has itself raised concern in» 

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Respected Quebec poet accused of plagiarism

In the past, distance, language, and time made it much easier to plagiarise the work of others. For example, one could take the work of someone else in a different language and distant country, translate it to your language and» 

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Canadian Muslim site advocates for female circumcision

How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women (Asiff Hussein -Muslims in Calgary website) The article first appeared quietly on an Islamic website in Calgary Alberta, in July,»