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The 43rd annual Women’s International Air Race Classic includes Canada

Three legs of the race and the finish are in Canada A theme on the home page of this year’s race, the 43rd reads“North of the Border, Let’s Fly Canada”. This year the race starts in Tennesse and finishes in Ontario.» 

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HIV-AIDS: Second patient “cured” but not yet a cure

An American patient in Berlin who was suffering from HIV-AIDS, was cured some years ago, and now comes news that a second patient in London, England, has also been cured-i.e, now seems to be completely free of the disease. In» 

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Used Aussie jets to cost millions more than earlier estimate

Canada had been contemplating the replacement of its ageing CF-18 fighter jets, when it became embroiled in a trade tiff between Boeing and Bombardier.  The federal government in support of Bombardier then backed out of a plan to replace its» 

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Canadian comedians not laughing at Canadian radio takeover from U.S.

Canadian comedians are angry at a takeover of the “Canada Laughs” channel which was carried on Sirius XM satellite radio. The channel had been carrying exclusive Canadian content since it began in 2005, but has recently entered into partnership with» 

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U.S.: new warnings to partners about dealing with Huawei

China’s Huawei, one of the world’s largest telecom giants, has been accused of being used for spying for the Chinese government. Although there has been no actual evidence presented publicly, it has been widely suggested the firm has been involved» 

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Costs of migrant “irregular” entry and asylum claims

Documents recently obtained by Post Media show that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP) Canada’s national police force, has spent $6.6 million over two years dealing with migrants crossing into Canada from the U.S. away from border control points. Almost» 

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Extreme cold temperatures in Canada will slow but not stop invasive pest

The insect is called the emerald ash borer. Originally from Asia, its arrival in North America in 2002 has since caused massive destruction to literally millions of majestic ash trees throughout several Canadian provinces and some 35  U.S states. The» 

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Canada history: January 25 1995: Two minutes to nuclear war.

When a Canadian designed rocket almost caused nuclear war After the second world war, the world’s powers began to be interested in rockets and missiles. Canada began researching solid rocket fuels for anti-ballistic missiles and to test them began work» 

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U.S. study gives Canada top points for attracting highly skilled immigrants

Canada scored high in many categories in a recently released survey of 12 countries comparing attitudes towards attracting highly skilled immigrants. Canada is in the first place when it comes to the education levels of its immigrant population. Nearly two-thirds» 

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U.S. says China’s death sentence against Canadian ‘politically motivated’

The U.S. State Department blasted China’s death sentence against a Canadian man convicted of drug smuggling as “politically motivated.” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke Tuesday and “expressed their concerns about the arbitrary detentions»