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Steelmakers press Ottawa to slap tariffs on U.S. steel immediately

Canadian steelmakers would like Ottawa to retaliate against punitive U.S. tariffs on steel imports from Canada as quickly as possible, says the president of the steel industry’s association. Joseph Galimberti, president of the Canadian Steel Producers Association, says it’s important that» 

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From ball pens to bourbon: A look at Canada’s strategic tariff retaliation strategy

At first sight the list of American products targeted by Canadian retaliatory tariffs that will come into effect on July 1 seems rather eclectic. The items listed in Ottawa’s response to U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum cover a» 

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Canada hits back at U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs with $16.6B countermeasures

Canada is countering “a very bad” move by the Trump administration to slap punishing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports by imposing dollar-for-dollar tariffs of its own on everything on from steel products to playing cards and ball point pens.» 

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Canada seeking to change “safe third country” deal, stiffen the border

Canada’ security minister told reporters today the government is seeking to modify the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) with the U.S. Canada has recently seen a massive influx of migrants crossing illegally into Canada from the U.S. through a largely» 

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Toronto seeks “urgent help” with increasing refugee claimant numbers

The City of Toronto wants help from the federal and provincial government to manage the growing numbers of asylum seekers in its shelter system. The city has already worked to expand the number of people it can help with resettlement,» 

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The end of the south Selkirk caribou virtually certain

They were called the “ghost herd” because there were so few in number, and so seldom seen. Now they’re on their way to become just that, ghosts. Of a herd which once had vast numbers at the beginning of the» 

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NAFTA agreement hinges on auto rules, says Freeland

Canadian, Mexican and U.S. negotiators trying to hammer out a new North American Free Trade Agreement are focussing on the automotive industry rules as the centrepiece of the new NAFTA deal, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said in Washington Thursday.» 

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Desperate attempt to free right whale

Marine biologists are on the lookout for one of the few remaining northern right whales. The female known as “kleenex” was first spotted entangled in 2014, and hadn’t been seen until March of this year when she was spotted off» 

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Expert says NAFTA trade deal means Canada can’t limit emissions

The trade talks continue with senior members of the Canadian, American, and Mexican governments to work out details on renewal of the North American Trade Agreement. It’s being called “NAFTA 2.0 For People or Polluters?” The international trade talks now» 

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New wave of illegal migrant crossings into Canada

This past Easter weekend is perhaps the harbinger of a new crisis to come this summer in illegal entry into Canada. Border officials say they now fear a mass migration of Salvadorans from the U.S. later this year. During the»