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Trudeau ‘ready for anything’ after talks with Trump

Despite a ‘very good meeting’ meeting with U.S. President Trump to discuss crucial trade and security issues, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned Canadians that the difficult negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement might end in failure. “I think» 

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Trudeau heads to Washington for crucial meetings on NAFTA

In a sign that Ottawa is getting increasingly nervous about the future of its crucial trade relationship with the United States, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is off to Washington to launch a charm offensive on U.S. lawmakers and the country’s» 

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Canadian arrest warrant for Vatican diplomat on possible child porn charges

A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for a highly-placed Vatican diplomat. Police in the south-western Ontario city of Windsor were alerted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that someone had uploaded child porn onto a social network site from a» 

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Anti-Trump anthem protests spread to Canada

(Have your say, comments open at bottom) U.S. President Donald Trump has criticized those players in the National Football League (NFL) for showing disrespect to the national anthem during major events. The original act began with former San Francisco 49ers» 

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General Motors workers on strike over jobs- NAFTA blamed

Almost 3,000 workers at a GM manufacturing plant in Ontario walked off the job on Sunday over concerns about the future of their jobs. Even as trade talks continue among Canada, the U.S, and Mexico regarding the North American Free» 

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The U.S.-Canada plane dispute: U.K. joins the fray

It began with a plan for Canada to buy 18 Super-Hornet fighter jets from Boeing as a stop-gap measure to fill a gap in Canada’s air defences. The just revealed price tag of around $6-billion has itself raised concern in» 

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Canadian Muslim site advocates for female circumcision

How Misogynists and Feminists are feeding upon each other to denigrate an Islamic practice that brings untold benefits to women (Asiff Hussein -Muslims in Calgary website) The article first appeared quietly on an Islamic website in Calgary Alberta, in July,» 

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Could U.S.policy cause a tidal wave of immigration and asylum claims in Canada?

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced he will end a policy known as DACA, which has caused great turmoil for tens of thousands of undocumented people in the U.S. Could that mean another wave, or even tsunami of people crossing» 

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Former Canadian diplomat speaks about the N Korea situation

The world is collectively concerned about the sabre rattling of N, Korea, and the U.S threats of reprisals. Repeated North Korean missile tests and now the latest nuclear test have only escalated the tensions. U.S President Trump is also calling» 

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Despite expected U.S. troop hike, no victory in sight in Afghan war: expert

While U.S. President Donald Trump opened the door on Monday to beefing up U.S. forces in Afghanistan, the best he can hope for is “no victory, no defeat” in America’s longest war, says a Canadian expert. Speaking before a crowd»