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Environmentally aware: a matter of mind..over mind

We just marked Earth Day on Friday, April 22, but are we really doing all that well in our efforts to be more responsible in trying to reduce our environmental footprint? Apparently added education about the effects of our personal» 

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Ancient mud from Canada: New tool to combat “superbugs”?

It seems for thousands of years, an aboriginal group on Canada’s west coast has been using a huge mud pit for medicinal purposes. A company has been formed to market the mud known as Kisameet Clay. Company officials  asked researchers» 

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Paradox for sub-Saharan Africa: increased farming = less rain

Quite apart from issues of climate change, a new study led by the University of British Columbia shows a problem for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Landlocked Burkina Faso has limited sources of fresh water. It also needs to increase its» 

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UBC breakthrough in cancer treatment-disease vs disease

Once again, a scientific discovery in one area, has led to a potential breakthrough in a completely different area. In this case, one disease- malaria,has been developed to help fight another, cancer. Mads Daugaard was the programme leader of the» 

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The best universities in the world

The QS world university rankings came out this month, rating over 800 universities around the world. American and British universities topped the list with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in top spot in the world, followed by Harvard, and» 


Major decline in seabirds: ocean ecosystem in trouble

It seems shocking, but a study of seabird populations shows that since the 1950’s there has been a 70 percent decline in seabird populations. Michelle Paleczny is currently a biologist working with Parks Canada, but researched the decline in seabirds» 

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Shedding new light on old stars

First time observation changes understanding of stars Scientists have witnessed for the first time a phenomenon in deep space, long suspected but never witnessed, and in doing so have discovered something surprising. Two scientists from Canada’s University of British Columbia» 

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Going, gone! Canada’s western glaciers melting fast.

Canada’s western mountain chains are home to many of the world’s glaciers. A new study indicates that due to human-influenced climate change, they are melting quickly, and could lose most of their volumes in just a few decades, with up» 

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Autonomous vehicles- many questions to answer first.

These new self-driving vehicles are being touted as wonderful new technology. They’ll be safer, more efficient and provide a host of services.  But they also provide new challenges for cities. AnnaLisa Meyboom (PEng MRAIC)  is an assistant professor in the» 

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How you can admit to crimes you didn’t commit

In a surprising new study, researchers in Canada and Britain have shown how easily completely innocent people can be guided not only into thinking they committed crimes in their youth, but also in creating detailed memories of those crimes. Stephen»