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Neutrinos: Towards discovering the secrets of the cosmos

“Whenever anything cool happens in the universe, neutrinos are usually involved” Lindley Winslow, MIT They’re so tiny, and virtually without mass, that trillions of them zip completely through us every day. In fact they pass through everything and only rarely have» 

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Asteroid flyby: It was close, but the Earth is OK

It’s a large potato-shaped rock, roughly the size of a typical house. But it’s travelling at over 26,000 km/h relative to Earth’s speed. And although scientists were certain it posed no danger, it was a close shave in that it» 

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Exploring mysteries of space: Unique 3D space telescope opens in Canada

It’s far different looking than your typical idea of a telescope, and unlike most others, has no moving parts. The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment is known as CHIME and the last piece was symbolically added today by Canada’s Science» 

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The mystery of “dark matter” ever so slightly illuminated.

The workings of the universe are so much mystery. One of the relatively recent discoveries or determinations was the presence of some mysterious entity occupying space. It was called dark matter in part because of its mysterious properties. Two Canadian» 

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The universe is holographic.

You’ll likely have to be patient on this one, unless you’re an astrophysicist or knowledgeable in things like quantum mechanics. Niayesh Afshordi is co-author on a new paper which suggests a better mathematical way to understand the formation of the» 

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New book uses Star Trek theme to explain universe

The TV series Star Trek was hugely popular around the world and a new book uses themes from it to provide a beginner’s guide to the cosmos. As a child, astronomy guru Andrew Fazekas was fascinated by the series and» 

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Quasars and the fastest ultraviolet winds ever

More mysteries of black holes in the universe are being revealed and unravelled at York University in Toronto while leading an international team of astrophysicists The scientists have detected the fastest ever ultraviolet wavelength winds being pushed out from black» 

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Shedding new light on old stars

First time observation changes understanding of stars Scientists have witnessed for the first time a phenomenon in deep space, long suspected but never witnessed, and in doing so have discovered something surprising. Two scientists from Canada’s University of British Columbia»