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Apps for disasters need work, say researchers

A study of almost 70,000 tweets sent by people escaping the massive wildfire in western Canada last May suggests that smartphone emergency apps are not providing what people need to know. Software engineers at the University of Calgary studied the» 

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Video Documentary: How indigenous knowledge is changing what we know about the Arctic

Related stories from around the North: Canada:  Is climate change making the muskoxen sick on Victoria Island?, Eye on the Arctic Finland:  Sámi spokesperson urges respect for nature, Yle News Greenland: What the EU seal ban has meant for Inuit communities» 

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Video: Gathering science in the Arctic

Earlier this month, Eye on the Arctic launched Part 1 of our documentary series Is climate change making the muskoxen sick on Victoria Island?, looking at how climate change is affecting the health of muskoxen in Canada’s Arctic islands and the» 

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Canadian research developing new treatment for eye problems

Lubricin is a natural lubricant produced by the body to protect tissues that rub against each other. Originally discovered in the 1970’s in the knee joint, it is an extremely thin protein coating, much more akin to a coating of»