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Researchers say Canadian technology used to censor internet internationally

It’s been alleged for years that Canadian technology is being used to filter internet access in certain countries. The Citizen Lab  at the University of Toronto, which first exposed the concern and has been tracking the issue since 2013. This week» 


Oldest English book in Canada proudly displayed

The University of Toronto is celebrating the acquisition of what is thought to be the oldest English-language book in Canada. The book, referred to as the Caxton Cicero, was printed in 1481 and is the library’s 15 millionth item. The» 

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ModiFace bought by L’Oreal, but will stay in Toronto

ModiFace is the Canadian artificial intelligence and augmented reality firm created for the beauty industry. Now the Paris-based giant, L’Oreal, has bought the Toronto-based company, for an undisclosed amount, to help develop and design new digital services for L’Oreal’s 34» 

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Canadian scientists help discover 8,000-year-old wine in Georgia

A team of University of Toronto archaeologists has contributed to the discovery of the oldest chemical evidence of wine found anywhere in the world, according to a recently published research study. The discovery at two excavation sites in southeastern Georgia,» 

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Games can reduce racial bias in the young: study

Computer games can help very young children overcome implicit biases they have against people of unfamiliar races, according to a study by researchers at the University of Toronto and international colleagues. “These kinds of biases are automatic biases that children» 

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David Strangway, educator and scientist, dead at 82

David Strangway, one of Canada’s leading educators and scientists, has died at the age of 82. Before becoming the only person to serve as president of both the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, Strangeway was chief» 

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Shakespeare 400th: Rare books exhibit in Toronto

He is one of the biggest literary figures, not just in the English language, but in history. Who doesn’t recognize the name Shakespeare, even though he died 400 years ago, in 1616. The University of Toronto , Fisher rare books» 

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Study: Health, beauty, and facial cues

Ah, you look like you lost weight (loss=roughly 3-4kg);   Ah, you’re looking more attractive (loss-roughly 6-8kg) Humans can detect even minute details in other humans. This can be at both a conscious and sub-conscious level.  Those details are cues for» 

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‘White students’ union are removed in Toronto

Posters that appear to advertise a union for white students have been taken down at three universities in Toronto. The flyers show two white men in front of a picture of the CN Tower with the words “White Students Union!”» 

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University of Toronto: how to subtly “nudge” people’s decisions

To direct children towards healthier food, a typical solution is to increase junk food prices (negative reinforcement), while nudging simply relocates healthy foods at eye level and junk food to less visible areas. A new guide produced by behaviour economists»