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New research centre seeks to increase vaccination rates

Public health officials in the province of Ontario are creating a research centre to counter misinformation about immunization in hopes of increasing the rates of vaccination. This is prompted in part by several outbreaks of measles in Canada and the» 

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Fredericton declares a whooping cough outbreak

Public health officials in the eastern province of New Brunswick have declared an outbreak of pertussis, which is commonly known as whooping cough. Twelve cases were reported in the city of Fredericton in January, March and April 2019. This bacterial» 


Vaccination drive to stop measles in British Columbia

Health authorities in the western province of British Columbia are launching a drive to vaccinate Kindergarten to Grade 12 students against measles between April and June 2019. There have been 19 cases of the disease so far  this year. Measles» 

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Vaccinations should be mandatory, say most Canadians

A majority of 70 per of Canadians say vaccinations against common diseases should be a requirement for children entering school, according to a public opinion survey by Angus Reid. But one in five parents who have children under the age» 

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Get vaccinated against measles, urges chief doctor

An outbreak of measles in the western province of British Columbia has prompted Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer to urge anyone who has not been inoculated against the disease to get vaccinated now. Nine cases of measles have been diagnosed» 


Three children died of flu, doctors urge vaccination

This year’s strain of influenza has proven particularly dangerous for young children because they have not previously been exposed to strains of the H1N1 virus. Three children have died of flu-related illness in the western province of Saskatchewan as did» 


Doctors urge parents to have children immunized

Among the flood of suggested New Year’s resolutions comes one from pediatricians asking that parents resolve to have their children get all their vaccinations. Immunization is offered free of charge to all Canadian families to protect against a host of» 

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Not enough Canadians get the flu vaccine, say health officials

On average, influenza sends 12,200 people to hospital and kills 3,500 people every year in Canada. In an effort to reduce those numbers, health officials have set a target of getting 80 per cent of the population vaccinated. Last year,» 

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HPV vaccine is again scientifically proven to be safe: study

Canadian research shows getting inoculated against the human papillomavirus does not increase the chance of getting an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or Bell’s palsy. Some people continue to question the safety of vaccinations in general, in» 

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Ebola vaccine developed by Canada okayed for Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo will allow a Canadian-developed experimental vaccine in to the country to combat the recent outbreak of Ebola. So far, 19 people have died of the highly-contagious hemorrhagic fever and another 39 cases are suspected. Thousands»