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Stolen vehicle list Canada 2018

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released its top 10 list of stolen vehicles in this country.  Since 2003 they’ve been compiling a list of insurance claims from across Canada to determine the brands and models of vehicles most commonly» 


Auto repair fraud revealed by hidden cameras

A major insurance company estimates auto insurance fraud is costing Canadians more than $2 billion every year. Aviva Canada says its investigation “highlights the urgent need to reform the auto insurance system.” The cost to insure a car ranges dramatically» 

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Living in a vehicle, by choice or obligation

Not quite homeless, but close Although still generally quite small, there is a slowly growing number of Canadians living in vehicles. In some cases people are being forced out of homes and apartments by high rents, whereas in others they» 

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Canadian Forces get new vehicle

New types of war, new environments, new types of vehicle. It may remind some of the British SAS Land Rovers, or the now gone versions of the Canadian Iltis, perhaps the U.S. dune buggy like, Chenowth FAV, or perhaps even» 


The licence plate controversy continues: heads to court

It began almost three decades ago without problem for decades, but now will end up in court. It was 1991 when Lorne Grabher bought a so-called “vanity” licence plate bearing the family name as a gift for his father’s car.» 


City of Montreal police unveil new armoured vehicle

City of Montreal police unveiled a new armoured vehicle to journalists Wednesday (November 6) that will be used by police in situations where police face “ballistic projectiles”. The commander of the Montreal force’s Tactical Intervention Group (Groupe tactique d’intervention –»