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Top CEO’s make more in hours than you all year

New statistics show that there are many business executives in Canada who-in this first few days of the new year, have already earned far more than most Canadians do in the whole year. In fact, by lunch time on Monday,» 

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Rich Canada? Not so rich Canadians?

Canada is considered around the world to be a so-called “rich” country. But it seems Canadians themselves are struggling more and more, as costs rise all around them but not salaries. A new poll by Ipsos shows that almost a» 

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Canada Post: some contract progress, no delivery stoppage (yet)

Last week the federal agency responsible for mail delivery in Canada announced there was no progress in contract talks with the 50,000 strong Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).  It issued a 72-hour lock-out notice and could lock workers out»