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Drought: deep concern for western Canada ranchers, farmers

Cattle, ranching, and the cowboy lifestyle are a large part of the traditions in Canada’s western prairie province of Alberta. The province is the world’s sixth largest exporter of beef. But a long and withering drought is causing great concern» 


Weather wonders featured on Canadian postage stamps

Canadians love to talk about the weather and their preoccupation is reflected in the post office decision to issue a set of stamps that follow up on the wildly popular weather-themed stamps issued in 2015. The Canadian government’s senior climatologist,» 


Maple syrup harvest is down due to poor weather

Maple syrup producers in the province of Quebec say they have had a poor season and will have to tap into reserves to keep prices down and avoid shortages. Quebec produces about 72 per cent of the world’s maple syrup,» 

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Global warming: So how was your April?

Here we are in May, well into spring and heading for summer.  In much of North America though, spells of actual warm weather have only just begun to arrive, and hesitantly at that in many places.  Indeed this evening there’s» 

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It’s Groundhog Day in Canada.

What’s that? Well, it’s when some special rodents, groundhogs (marmot), emerge (or are awakened) from their hibernating quarters and “predict” whether we can expect an early spring, or much more winter to come. This year, the first weather groundhog was» 


Top weather disasters Canada 2017

As we start this new year in Canada, much of the southern part of the entire country has been gripped by Arctic temperatures in the -20’s to -30’s Celsius. When you add in the wind-chill factor, those temperatures seem much» 

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Putting a dollar value on wetlands

Scientists and environmentalists have long known that wetlands (marshes, bogs) mitigate climate extremes. They absorb water  when there’s excess rain, and retain and release water when there’s drought.  Wetlands are something like a weather “shock absorber”. Knowing that however hasn’t» 

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Canada history : Jan. 5, 1998 – the deadly ice storm of the century

For some people in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec the start of this new year was a worrisome case of déjà vu. On Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017, freezing rain fell throughout the region, but then fortunately stopped. Yesterday however, snow» 

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2016 temperatures already above average

Western Canada has been hotter and dryer than normal, enabling much bigger fires to break out earlier than usual in the boreal forest. Some 90,000 people had to evacuate Fort MacMurray as fire ripped through parts of the town and» 

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Weird weather worries apple growers

Some unseasonably warm weather has apple growers nervous in the Okanagan, a large fruit-growing belt in the western province of British Columbia. It is so mild that growers think the trees could blossom in about three weeks, and that would»