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Drop-in mental health clinic offers after-hours help to students

Health authorities have set up a new after-hours, mental health clinic at Western University in London, Ontario. It is running during the stressful exam period from mid-November to December 14th, three days a week from 5pm to 9pm. During the» 

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A great year for the “greatest outdoor show”

Canada’s Calgary Stampede has come to a close. Billed as the greatest annual outdoor show on Earth, the huge celebration of rural and cowboy lifestyle and skills, saw 1,214,972 visitors pass through the turnstiles. That’s just over a ten per» 

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The greatest outdoor show on Earth! On now!

The Stampede is on! Arguably Canada’s greatest entertainment event is on this week in the western city of Calgary, Alberta Many thousands of people lined up on Friday for the event opening Calgary Stampede parade in downtown Calgary © Calgary Stampede/via» 

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The annual Calgary Stampede comes to a wet closure.

Another successful “greatest annual outdoor show on earth”, albeit, a damp one. The GMC Rangeland Derby (chuck wagon races) final was as exciting as ever, and muddy! © Calgary Stampede-CBC A wagon hits a barrel and flips in an early heat» 

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Calgary Stampede 2016 – the greatest show on Earth

The Calgary Stampede, one of the biggest spectacles in Canada also bills itself as the greatest annual outdoor show on earth. No-one seems to doubt that either. This year from July 7 to the 17th, it’s an event filled with» 

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Deciphering ancient religious chants

A unique project is taking place in Canada to better understand ancient religious chants, and how the medieval mind worked. Because the music was not written, the monks would have to memorize up to 80 hours or more worth of» 

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New understanding of brain function and how we learn

We watch someone demonstrating an action, and then we repeat it. But in doing so we are “learning” that action. But it’s a very complex process. Recent research has uncovered a bit more of this learning process. Heather McGregor is» 

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Nitrates in remote lakes came from human activity

A new study shows that 70 per cent of nitrates found in high mountain lakes in Utah, U.S.A. result from human activity and that means the pollutant is travelling hundreds of kilometres through the air. Nitrates can upset the ecological» 

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Canadian researcher discovers Roman history hiding in plain sight

The impressive Trajan’s Column  has stood for almost 2,000 years in the centre of Rome. The column at 30 metres tall, has a helical frieze of 195 metres in length winding its way up the column.  For hundreds of years»